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[Solved] Verified member changes his email
by Stratis
29 Apr 2016 15:23

I have this situation before an hour - two.
Member of mine that was register and verified, made a change with an non existent email, I did not had this experience before.

What happens to this now? i think it will stay with the non existent email.
Is that what suppose to happen? if yes.. is there a way to avoid same changes?

Thanks for any advice and help

Solved with this

ForceHSS 29 Apr 2016 16:38

I would change his group until he confirms his new email

Stratis 29 Apr 2016 19:36

It auto changed to "Awaiting email confirmation"
But lets say that members want to make this on purpose for there reasons.
And since his first email was ok, this is some issue.

It would be a good thing that he stays verified with the old email, if he wont
verify his new email. As you called seems there is no other way.
I don't know if is out there a modification that could take control..
and after 24 hours last email comes back.

Thank you ForceHSS for the answer :)

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