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Profile Statistics
by Scandal
09 Aug 2013 13:57

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Notice: This is a ported version to vB4 of this hack. Lea Verou gives me the rights to publish it. Enjoy! :up:

What does this do?
This unique statistics mod, displays various user-oriented statistics, even from custom fields! Refer to the features & the statistics section for more information.

Admin Features
  1. Fully phrased.
  2. You can turn on/off every single statistic, so that the hack fits your needs 100%.
Types of statistics displayed (in order of appearance)
  1. Custom fields (you can enable/disable all custom fields or specify which custom fields you want the script to show).
  2. Age statistics (you can enable/disable this and also specify the classes that the ages are sorted into)
  3. Age privacy statistics (you can enable/disable this)
  4. Email domain statistics (you can enable/disable this and also set the frequency it takes for a domain to appear separately)
  5. Timezone statistics (you can enable/disable this)
  6. Subscription statistics (you can enable/disable this)
  7. Number of posts per page statistics (you can enable/disable this)
If you like this hack, nominate it for MOTM! ;)

  1. Upload profilestats.php to your forum root.
  2. Import *xml product
  3. Check your admincp options

Filgga 05 Sep 2013 10:37

I like this plugin.

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