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Image Uploader
by JasonReynolds
17 Jun 2010 13:05

Hey all, I've been looking for a few days and had no luck.

Does anyone know of a mod out there (Preferable for VB 4 patch 1)

Basicly what i want is a mod where if you click the "Insert Image" button you can browse though your computer for a file instead of having to upload it to a website and then linking it.

If you know what i mean?

Thanks in advance

fzone 18 Jun 2010 11:08

Hi, im also looking for something to solve this problem,

ifitsmedia 26 Jul 2010 21:10

I would like to find this as well.

I see a few mods that will upload the images to a third party like Megaupload, but I want one to store the pics on my server.

pant 26 Jul 2010 21:14

Asked for this ages ago.

ifitsmedia 26 Jul 2010 22:05

So there's nothing available to do this?

RobDog888 31 Jul 2010 18:33

Isnt this just adding an attachment to your post?

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