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[NEED HELP] postbit_legacy, background-color problem
by dszuecs
17 Oct 2011 01:40

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Hi there

Im having the issue, that i can't change the background color of the entire postbit legacy.
So all the postbit legacy background should be black.
Please take a look at the attached image.

The background is black, until there's no more userinfo.

Spent about 2 h now and really dunno how to get it working.

Vbulletin is 4.1.7


dszuecs 17 Oct 2011 15:07

I'm still not able to fix this :S
Additional CSS is fine, only thing i can imagine is, that the Style im using is bugged..

Any Help on this?
If i should post the "postbit_legacy" template, lemme know. Thanks

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