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Creative uses of vbPlaza
by d8tabyte
16 Nov 2006 19:54

I am having trouble getting my users interested in the vbPlaza. There are a few users who use it daily, but I am trying to think of ways to get people interested.

What are some ways you guys use to get and then keep people interested - something to give vbux more worth in the community.

UncoderMom 29 Nov 2006 17:59

I think mine would die with out it lol. I have a forum dedicated to all WOMEN! lol...

The gifts are the biggest or you can make private forums that they have to buy access to!

Also my users LOVE to change others custom avatars and titles! Spread a few funny ones around and people jump on the bandwagon lol Add a category called PUNK avatars to upload prank avatars too! lol I think I would set these options to expire after a week ;) Just in case someone gets offended lol

Oh it would also help to add forum appropriate gifts! Say you have a car forum then you might add some gif's like a pic of a rim. name it 20 inch blades or something! Make it fun! Make the items ones people dream of in real life or ones that are funny ;)

mikeshaver 11 Dec 2006 17:47

When I was using ucash and ushop I had real, physical items that people could purchase using their points. It was great advertising and very popular. That was awhile ago, and I'm having quite a time getting vbbux to work - but I plan to do the same thing with it if I can get it functioning.

Good luck on your site.

tei727 11 Dec 2006 23:06

i have a gaming site and we use them along with vbookie to bet on wins/losses. also, we have regular sports bets.

pcoskat 11 Dec 2006 23:22


Originally Posted by UncoderMom (Post 1128161)
I think mine would die with out it lol. I have a forum dedicated to all WOMEN! lol...

Same here. Every time I announce board upgrades, all they ask is, "Are the gifts staying?!?!?!" Ever since it was installed, it was a HUGE hit.

I'm currently trying to modify it to be an 'exercise rewards' system. We'll see how it goes when the coder gets done! :)

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