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what style / theme is this?
by el tigre-top
12 Jun 2020 22:20

would anyone know what style or theme this forum originated from? please



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I see this theme is dinda, but dont have for download now , anyone have , and can post here?


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or is there a similar one?

PinkMilk 13 Jun 2020 09:42

Dinda is a free theme from vBSkins.com which is no longer around, I was able to find it via Google and download it via Wayback, however the readme file states:


You may not redistribute the contents of the zip file without the explicit permission from Enthropia Inc., parent company to vBSkins.com.
So I am unable to attach it.

In Omnibus 13 Jun 2020 10:08


Originally Posted by PinkMilk (Post 2603270)
Dinda is a free theme from vBSkins.com which is no longer around, I was able to find it via Google and download it via Wayback, however the readme file states:

So I am unable to attach it.

It looks like Enthropia is out of business so there's a good chance no one is left to care.
Their website isn't even secure and it looks like it's parked.


lange 13 Jun 2020 12:26

I like the themes of themesbase.com. These are simple themes to use and all themes are based on the same pattern. For my version vb3.8.11 (PHP7.2 +), I use a mix of the responsive theme of Sultanthemes and a corrected version of the following tigra theme.


napy8gen 26 Mar 2021 08:36

I was the one who designed Dinda and Tigra. vBskins.com still owned by enthropia.com and the company may still running by the colleague of my former employer Ahmed Farooq https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sol_Orwell

vBskins.com closed down end of 2007

lange 26 Mar 2021 15:37

Vbulletin 3.x has a lot of interesting themes. I bought this one in the past, I can't remember the place. This is one of the themes I use in my vb 3.x forum but unfortunately it is not responsive. The logo in the header is no longer political, the forum is now a generalist forum (photo, travel, techno, health, dating ...).

The only interest for me in this old theme is the bright yellow serpentines going up and down on each side of the forum. I had thought of using them on your vb5 dragon themes that I ultimately did not buy. I am not a gamer, so I prefer flat themes.


I guess converting Tigra to vb5 will be easy for you. I will contact you later when I am ready to submit a conversion project to you. I am still and still under vb 3.8 at the moment.

webmastersun 06 Jul 2021 17:14


Originally Posted by el tigre-top (Post 2603264)
or is there a similar one?

It is just a custom theme and you can hire a vb design to do that for you. It is not complex.

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