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Group tagging
by scottkoz20
21 Jun 2018 18:55

I am wondering if there is a known mod that will allow for "tagging" of groups. I currently use DBtech's Advanced user tagging mod and it worked extremely well as it relates to tagging an individuals

What I am looking for is something similar, but instead of 1 user, that "user" tag would be a group tag and notify everyone that signs up to be a part of that group (like a distribution list).

For example, if I create a group called New York Yankee fans (@yankeefans), I would make that available for any member of my site to join that group. Then if someone using that group name, then everyone that is a member of that group would get notification.

and yes, I have reached out to dbtech on their website about this already before I posted here :) I'm checking to see if there is anything that may already exist

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