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kellyandmark04 12 Feb 2009 06:41

Private Chats would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Just like the IP Board Chatbox.

My Shoutbox works, but the archive button doesn't.

benny92000 13 Feb 2009 03:14


Originally Posted by wmlvb (Post 1741504)
I noticed question have not been answered for a while. Is there support for this chatbox?

My question is. Is there a way to have private chats? Thanks

No there isn't. I have uninstalled this chatbox because of server load, and the layout of it. I changed the layout of it to look like inferno, but it was a little choppy. :p Anyway, thanks for this great mod Cyb, i will wait for a future version of it, with perhaps a better layout.

ascender 13 Feb 2009 07:46


Originally Posted by Trek (Post 1741055)
Are you using vBA or a custom style? I had the same problem and it was due to the custom replacement variables being used in my style, combined with vBA. Basically, I had to go into the vBA setup again (the installer, you can rerun it) and select the images rebuild. It'll show you what paths are wrong. Then you manually edit those to point to the smilies. The easiest way to find out this was the problem is that if you looked at the archive, the smilies appeared, but not in the main chat box.

Anyway, hope that helps, I got zero support for the problem here, but finally figured it out myself.

Thanks very much for your post. Yes, we are running a custom style.

Do you know why its only a few users who are unable to see the smileys? I'd have thought a problem like the above with paths being wrong would affect all users of the board?

Tolas 13 Feb 2009 18:41


Originally Posted by Serk (Post 1740438)
Howdy and THANK YOU for an excellent program! (Marked installed)

Feature request if it's not too much trouble - We have different classes of users on our site, assigned different usergroups, as many sites do. Would it be possible to assign either a text, or a color change to the different usergroups?

I.E. New users names are green, senior users names are black, moderators are blue, etc?

Thank you!

The names should appear in chat as the same color they would on your board. All of my users's names in chat match whatever they are normally. I can easily see what group they belong to when they talk. Shouldn't need to change anything in chatbox or add features to accomplish it.

Jedric 14 Feb 2009 09:19

Installed :)

n.sinha.p 15 Feb 2009 04:52

Seems to have a good majority of people using this according to this thread:

Certainly will try.

sherwood 15 Feb 2009 10:08

Is anyone else having problems with the chatbox in 3.8.1?

adusei 15 Feb 2009 16:30


Originally Posted by sherwood (Post 1744661)
Is anyone else having problems with the chatbox in 3.8.1?

Yup: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showp...3&postcount=62

...unfortunaltely no reply to this prob yet... :(

khurtsiya 16 Feb 2009 11:10

Integrated in CMPS, but chat is just always Loading...

How to fix this?

Tolas 16 Feb 2009 13:42

I am running 3.8.1 and it's working great for me. No problems at all.

khurtsiya 18 Feb 2009 09:36


Originally Posted by Tolas (Post 1745863)
I am running 3.8.1 and it's working great for me. No problems at all.

No problems at all too, but I am talking about homepage, where I use vBAdvanced CMPS.

It is just "Loading..." there...

chrisnufcfan 19 Feb 2009 00:46


itsheinz 19 Feb 2009 07:01

Thanks for this i just installed in my forum...

sinanmoda 20 Feb 2009 12:05

Tank you

redlabour 21 Feb 2009 07:38

Small Problem with vBSEO

Usernames are ignoring the Rewrite URLs. :(

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