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getting a strange error...possibly warning hack, pm hack, or inferno RPG...
by creedmaniac
21 May 2006 09:02

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare sendpm() (previously declared in /home/inara/public_html/home/inferno.php:592) in /home/inara/public_html/home/includes/functions_warning.php on line 23

i get that error whenever I click a link for the inferno RPG system on my site. I have the advanced warning system installed which is what the functions_warning.php is referring to, and i used to have another pm notification hack installed that modified the global.php, but i uninstalled it and fixed global.php...

i'm at a loss as to what this error means and why it's happening...hopefully someone can help me out.

peterska2 21 May 2006 09:12

Try disabling the warning product and see if it still persists.

If it does, then it's not your warning hack, so try another one.

If it stops, then you know where the problem lies then we can start to looks about ways to fix it.

creedmaniac 22 May 2006 07:02

yup, it's the warning hack...it started working right after i disabled it

Rover416 22 May 2006 07:26

The advanced warning hack and inferno dont run together.

Zero's warning hack runs fine with it though.

creedmaniac 22 May 2006 07:55

hmm...do you have any clue as to what the conflict is?...it's be nice to have it fixed...

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