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Password Protect Categories
by Irishnotsane
06 Apr 2012 20:26

Hello, How can I password protect a forum


I want this for Admins too since admins and mods automatically bypass the default forum passworded sections

I've tried to edit functions.php and edit it from:


if (!$password OR ($vbulletin->userinfo['permissions']['adminpermissions'] & $vbulletin->bf_ugp_adminpermissions['cancontrolpanel']) OR ($vbulletin->userinfo['permissions']['adminpermissions'] & $vbulletin->bf_ugp_adminpermissions['ismoderator']) OR can_moderate($forumid))



if (!$password)
However my forum didn't like that one bit and all user-uploaded attachments ended up showing up with the "broken image" display.

Is there a modification for this or somehow I can do with without breaking the attachments?
Can I do it via .htaccess?

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