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H2kMatrix.com Community -Security- Programming etc.
by H2k_Coder
13 Apr 2005 14:12

Hello Everyone

Here is one of our Security Website we have start H2kMatrix.com In 2000 after many hard time moving from hosting to anther hosting and then from server to anther server.. we have lose alot of databse for many other reson ..

Our website is General Security and hacking website... i have visit many other website who care about post count and so .. at the first when we start we was trying to get post count come up but later we find it is westing of time . when we see a new post is made and when we go to check .. to read it.. find it like "Hello"Thankyou"Verynice" so we get sick from this and we have Removed every Hack that Force the user to post before they get anything and k now we kill any Crap Post.

you Are Welcome to come and join us if u have any "Q" with Security/Programming then feel free to visit us.

Sorry for my bad english it is not my First lang.. i'am Orignal Spanish :nervous:

Princeton 13 Apr 2005 22:19

to dark ...

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