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BB Code [table]
by StGaensler
14 Feb 2006 19:24

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BB Code [table]
by StGaensler

This Hack provides a BB code [table] to add a table to the post
The skin of the table automatically fits the style because the CSS classes of vBulletin are used.

A table is simply made of some lines (will be the rows). The cols are seperated by |. So this will be a table:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

A screenshot of a "ready" table is attached

  1. install attached product XML through product manager (overwrite existing)
  2. install at least one language pack in AdminCP -> Languages & Phrases -> Download / Upload Languages -> Import Language XML File
    Important: Select the language you want to import the phrases into, not "(Create New Language)" - this won't work! If you use another version of vBulletin than I use enable "Ignore Language Version" to import the language pack.

Please note: (installing)
Installing this product will: (reverted during uninstall)
  1. rename a existing BB code "table" to "table_saved"
  2. add a new BB code [table]
If you want to have live sortable columns (JavaScript): Download attached sorttable.js.txt rename it to sorttable.js and place it into the /clientscript/ folder of your vBulletin. Then go to AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> BB Code [table] Settings -> Enabled Features Of This BB Code and enable sortable
Note: Including the file on the webpages where it is necessary is done by my product. So if sortable is disabled, it won't be included automatically.
If you want to have a icon for the editor you may use this for free:https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/external/2009/07/8.gif Download this icon and place it in your /images/editor/ folder.

Please note: (usage)
  • Of course you can use vB Code and smilies inside the table!
  • The first line defines how much columns are in the table. If the other lines have more or less colums they are cut off or filled with   (space)
  • You can find a detailed description of the options (please read it before requesting help)
  • Empty rows are (should be ;)) removed.

New features
  • define colspan of cells
  • small panel in AdminCP
  • define CSS class of table and tablerows
  • live sorting of table through clicking the head of a column
  • defining maximum width of a table

Maybe planned features
  • detailed description of the vB Code in misc.php?do=bbcode depending on the features enabled in AdminCP (planned for next beta version)
  • define formatting (bold, italic), align (left, right, center) and width of the cols
Suggested but not planned features
  • none

Known problems
  • Bugfix of version 0.1.1 doesn't work if vBulletin should write template names into the source code

Version history:
0.0.1 - 0.0.5 internal releases for testing purposes (Thanks to Zombie79 from powerforen.de for testing)
0.1 first official release
0.1.1 fixed small bug: if a line ends with eg vbcode quote no new row was generated (should already have been fixed but did not work)
0.1.2 workaround: removed call to function bcmod(), it could also be done another way :)
0.1.3.x beta version described here (and following) - added admin panel, colpan and css feature
0.1.4 stable version - no significant changes to the last beta (
0.1.5.x beta version described here (and following) - added sortable, maxwidth, versioncheck, upgrade message, compatibility to vB 3.6
0.1.6 stable version - two bugfixes to last beta, {br} for posting linebreaks in a tablecell
0.1.7.x stable version - compatibility to vB 3.7 (description) - added tab seperated tables

This hack can be used for free. If you want to make a small donation, just contact me. We will find a way :)
I don't want this product to be distributed from other sources. Please don't upload it to other vBulletin related boards etc.

StGaensler 14 Feb 2006 19:25

Introduction to options:
example: [table="option1;option2=value;option3='this is a long value with space';option4=value1,value2,value3"]
The whole option list should be wrapped with quotes.
Options are seperated by a semicolon
If an option has a value it is assigned with "equal to" mark. (option2)
If the value contains blanks or special characters it has to be wrapped with apostrophes. (option3)
If an option has more than one value they are seperated by a comma. (option4)

Description of options:
This option defines the first line as head, so the first row is shown as head of the table. If the table sould be sorted, the head is not sorted.

This defines the table to be sorted by column 1, then column 2, then column 3. The "d" after the first colum specifies the order: descending (default: ascending)

autonum=1 (equal to autonum) autonum=a autonum=A
Defines that a new first column containing a numbering should be inserted.
1 -> 1, 2, 3, 4, ... , 999, 1000, ....
a -> a, b, c, ... , aa, ab, ... , zz
A -> A, B, C, ... , AA, BB, ... , ZZ

autonumtitle=oneword autonumtitle='long value with spaces'
Defines the title of the autonum-column. Can be left empty.

width=123px width=45em width=67%
Defines the width of the table.

My plugin outputs a simple comment line after the table.
"<!-- table generated by StG's vB Code [table] v.0.1.4 o.31 -->"
With this option the output gets more verbose:
"<!-- table has 3 rows, 2 cols with 36 chars. Parsetime: 0.47 ms at Wed 17th 2006, 12:24:42 pm by StG's vB Code [table] v.0.1.4 o.31 -->"
This is helpful for debugging especially if you want to know if this table comes from the cache or was generated.

Defines the aditional css class of the whole table. Possible values have to be defined in admincp.
The value is prepended by stg_table_ so the resulting css class with above example would be stg_table_myclass
The css code has to be added to "Additional CSS Definitions" of your style (AdminCP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> (Dropdown) Main CSS -> Additional CSS Definitions)

Introduction to special options (formating cells and rows):
example: {option1=value1}{option2=value2}
These "special" options can be written as the very first content of a cell to format it.

Description of special options:
Defines a colspan from current cell with the length of 5 cells

Defines the css class of the current row. This value is only valid in the first cell of a row and should be the first option (colspan defined after it - currently reversing the order works, too).

bashy 14 Feb 2006 19:55

Wow...im liking this...
Clicks install :)

sensimilla 14 Feb 2006 20:47

I have just installed another plugin that does it , posted last week here..
It had color , fonts ect.. options.. wonder in what this one is different :p

thanks for the share although

RFViet 14 Feb 2006 21:01

Been looking for a long time :banana:

AshokForums.com 14 Feb 2006 21:01

thanks for this.. installed

StGaensler 15 Feb 2006 04:58


Originally Posted by sensimilla
I have just installed another plugin that does it , posted last week here..
It had color , fonts ect.. options.. wonder in what this one is different :p

thanks for the share although

Which one do you mean? This one?

As I searched for a good table tag I didn't find any good. I found this one but it was much to complicated for the users. Then I started do develop one - this was at 6.1.2006: http://www.vbulletin-germany.com/for...04&postcount=7

My table code supports sorting and nummering of the rows - I haven't seen that before in a vBCode :)
I should add a short description saying that there is no problem to use vBCode inside the table.

sensimilla 15 Feb 2006 07:11

1 Attachment(s)
actually i can't find it anymore ? :disappointed:

Here it is Table bbcode 1.0 I cant even give credits to author as I cant find that topic.

Hellcat 15 Feb 2006 07:45


This is nice! Very nice! Could even be "misused" to do some sort of layouting of the post :D
/me installs

Darat 15 Feb 2006 11:17


Originally Posted by Hellcat

This is nice! Very nice! Could even be "misused" to do some sort of layouting of the post :D
* Hellcat installs

A good mod and I've installed it - but what do you mean by misused?

Snake 15 Feb 2006 12:09

Thankies! :banana:

mkdevo 15 Feb 2006 13:04

not working:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: bcmod() in /home/www/xxxxxx/forum/includes/class_bbcode.php(149) : eval()'d code on line 329

StGaensler 15 Feb 2006 13:19


Originally Posted by mkdevo
not working:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: bcmod() in /home/www/xxxxxx/forum/includes/class_bbcode.php(149) : eval()'d code on line 329

Seems your php doesn't have libbcmath or wasn't compiled with --enable-bcmath - I will try to do a workaround.

Edit: Workaround done, new version is online :)

mkdevo 15 Feb 2006 14:42

new version works for me! thanks again!!

Hellcat 16 Feb 2006 00:37


Originally Posted by Darat
A good mod and I've installed it - but what do you mean by misused?

Well, tables are meant to display stacks of data.
But on most webpages they are used as layouting tool - you could do the same thing with this table BBCode in posts. That's what I was reffering to.

It wasn't meant negative!
More like "what else I can do with it" :)

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