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by Welshy2008
08 Nov 2010 13:42

What are the Benefits/pros and cons of having one?

It will cost me 61 for an upgrade from vB4 to vB4 suite. (Forum, Blog and CMS).

does anyone use the CMS? Again, pros and cons of CMS, Please? :)


Brandon Sheley 08 Nov 2010 14:16

Are you asking about the blogs or cms?
you mentioned the blogs in your title, but talk about the cms in the post?
I've been a fan of the blogs for a while, still getting the hang of the cms.
I like it all ;)

Welshy2008 08 Nov 2010 14:41

Hello Loco,

Thanks for the feedback.

Originally, It was just for the Blog - But then I decided to ask about the CMS too.

It is the Blog that I am mainly interested in though.

It is just Admin that can start a blog? Yes? And naturally, Members can add to it too? (I trust that I have the option to "Moderate" all posts before they are displayed?


Krusty1231 27 Nov 2010 18:54


Originally Posted by Welshy2008 (Post 2119452)
What are the Benefits/pros and cons of having one?

I am curious about this too. I looked at some forums - seems that most of the time its the admin owners rant on a particular subject.

Also - does the blog act as a front page to the forum?

Also - can someone point me to the upgrade cost page?


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