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Cloudflare Registration Tools
by z3r0
20 Jul 2019 07:50

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***You must be running your site through Cloudflare and have "IP Geolocation" turned on for this product to work***

Using the Cloudflare Geolocation header this product allows you to close registration to certain countries and moderate users registering from others.

I have only tested this on Vb4.2.5 & 3.8.11 with PHP7.0 but it's a very simple product and should work on lower versions.

Hostboard 20 Oct 2019 02:14

Would be nice to have a custom message displayed to those being blocked and another for those being moderated.

z3r0 20 Oct 2019 10:18

Feel free to add some, it's marked as reusable code.

I wrote it as an antispam measure at my sites and as it stands it's perfect for me, I only released it here as it was so effective, it would have been a shame to just keep it to myself ;)

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