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Is there a working shoutbox for vb 5.6.8?
by BasedGod
05 Jul 2022 00:07

I can't find any working shoutboxes.. Anyone having any luck?

mp3president 05 Jul 2022 10:14


You can make it work!

Follow these steps:

First download this: https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/show...&postcount=627


Adjust this:

Also, for the people who having trouble with editing a schout a fix:

Look for the file core/packages/dbtechvbshout/datamanager/shout.php and open it.
Scroll down to:

'notification' => array(vB_Cleaner::TYPE_STR, vB_DataManager_Constants::REQ_NO, 'if (!in_array($data, array(\'\', \'thread\', \'reply\'))) { return false; } return true;'),

Change it to:

'notification' => array(vB_Cleaner::TYPE_STR, vB_DataManager_Constants::REQ_NO),

Problem solved and you can edit shouts again!


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