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Change the Image in the Avatar
by Slowmin
23 Dec 2018 21:38

I am having problems with my avatars using a smaller thumbnail than I'd like, but can't work out how to change that, and having now luck.

So I would like to change the image it serves to the full image, then rescale in CSS, the CSS I already have, but where can I find this part

<img src="./core/image.php?userid=1&thumb=1&dateline=1545596618" alt="Admin" title="Admin">

So I can just have it show.

<img src="./core/image.php?userid=1" alt="Admin" title="Admin">

Slowmin 25 Dec 2018 00:51


Incase anyone is wanting to do this, I edited image.php in the core directory, if you find $table = 'customavatar';, then replace the $filedata_thumb to just say $filedata as I have here, it's not elegant, and I think someone can probably do this better! But it's doing what I wanted now.

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delicjous 27 Dec 2018 05:49

Attention... if everyone load up a 1 mb avatar and you viewing a thread of 20 posts the user have to load 20mb to see all avatars. If you have wrong thumb size, change it and then (/admincp/misc.php?do=chooser&) rebuild custom avatar thumbnails should work!

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