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Force Users to Read a Thread
by Abe1
09 Jul 2007 03:57

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vB 3.7 version of this hack here: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=172155

Force Users to Read a Thread 2.0

About this hack:
This hack allows you to set a thread as 'must read' by your members. Right now, if you make a post and want all your members to read it, you have no way of enforcing it. This hack will give an error message similar to the one you get when you need to change you password, saying that the admins want you to read a certain thread before they continue using the forum.

Once a user reads a thread, they wont be bugged to read it again.

You can set all usergroups or just certain onces that must read a thread.

You can set to site wide or just some forums.

Option to Force Guests

This hack added one query to every page on your forum a member goes to.
  • Files edited: 0
  • Templates edited: 0
  • Files to upload: 2 (1 via ACP, 2 via FTP)
  • Time to install: 1 minute

Version 2.0 (03/05/08):
  • First Release of this Hack for vb3.7
  • MAJOR update. Hack totally re-writen. You must uninstall old version before upgrading.
  • Fixed just about all bugs. (like if you delete a thread...)
  • No more template edit. Everything done in ACP.
  • Permissions for by who ever has ACP access with threads and posts
  • Force Guests to read a thread now.
  • Works for BOTH vb3.6 AND vb3.7
Please post your comments or suggestions for this hack. I read ALL posts.

You will get an email when a new version is released.

  • The error message.
  • The universal options.
  • Where you go to set the settings.
  • The list of forums that have force read settings.
  • The edit/add screen.

badboyz 09 Jul 2007 04:03

1st one!!

SaltedSlug 09 Jul 2007 04:04

Haha, sneaky. I like it!

Barakat 09 Jul 2007 04:24

wow seem interesting ... i will check it later ...

edenx 09 Jul 2007 04:26


RvG2 09 Jul 2007 04:40

great i need this! :)

PoetJA-1975 09 Jul 2007 05:13

Wow - Really nice mod - Thanx for sharing ;)


RMS-Chef 09 Jul 2007 06:13

Nice Abe.
Thanks again for your contributions.

SCRIPT3R 09 Jul 2007 06:50


Hornstar 09 Jul 2007 07:13

very nice addition, I might have a need for this in the future. thanks.

Scooterpig 09 Jul 2007 08:07


Originally Posted by badboyz (Post 1286313)
1st one!!

Dunna what you've reserved a reply to as you ain't the coder!

Nice hack Abe and very useful I reckon and almost makes ya think if it should be standard in vb....thanks..:)

testebr 09 Jul 2007 09:03

veryyyy nice and useful mod, thanks a lot

projectego 09 Jul 2007 10:22


/me clicks install

imk 09 Jul 2007 10:43

this is great for a site like mine for league sign ups etc...thanks man

thenewuser 09 Jul 2007 11:05


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