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[INFO] Spam Management for vbulletin 5
by yilmaz
09 Jan 2021 22:46

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This is already in vb5.
If you look at it by adjusting, you need to do,
Get Anti-Spam Akismet Content Key
Detect Words as Spam, add spam words
Detect URLs as Spam, after how many urls will be accepted as spam
Posts that go outside the rules you set are automatically approved.

Each member gets a trust score.
It detects whether it is spam or not according to its trust score.
New members have zero trust points.
So, if these settings remain as they are, they are valid for new members

You can test it by lowering the Detect URLs As Spam value.
Add more than the maximum number of links you have given yourself as a safe member.
Try it as a new member.

Mboora 10 Jan 2021 14:51

Thanks for this.

Really helpful to know :)

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