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Soccer Betting Game ("Fussball-Tippspiele")
by AA_
11 Mar 2010 23:39

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More than 20 soccer leagues and competitions in a single Bet!

  • No results input by administrators or moderators!
    Results and fixtures come from our own data service
  • Configurable scoring
  • Season archives with all schedules, tips and points
  • League tables, crosstabs, group tables
  • Configurable Match Preview (Next x Days)
  • Rankings
  • Hall of Fame of the best 3 tipsters from all competitions and seasons
  • Result entry by user
    Users can also report results for current games themselves. These results will be reported to the data service, which these other forums is directly available. Distributed reporting game results!
  • E-mail reminder
  • Users can even select it to see what competitions
  • Users can determine the color of the points themselves
  • Modification or translation of any team name and the name of competition
  • Configurable menu grouping for Competitions
  • Details of fixtures
  • Interface to report false results or fixtures in our data service
  • Show the tips of other users
  • Optional integration of club logos and association logos
  • Available in multiple languages and character encodings
  • Forum sidebar manager
  • Ad management
  • Continuous improvement and development
  • and much more...

vbsoccer-mailing list

AA_ 11 Mar 2010 23:42

9 Attachment(s)
  • version 1.4.25 RC 8(current)
    • FIX: team positions in group phase tables without matches
  • version 1.4.25 RC 7
    • FIX: date modify issue ('Failed to parse time string +-4.5 HOURS')
  • version 1.4.25 RC 6
    • FIX: BIG INT sql issue
  • version 1.4.24
    • NEW: ACP, "Support us"
    • vbulletin 4.0.5 compatibiliy
  • version 1.4.22
    • NEW: acp option for ssl-connection to data service
    • NEW: last 5 matches in league tables
    • bugs fixed
    • new bugs added :D
  • version 1.4.21
  • version 1.4.20
    • NEW: acp option for email abonnements (default setting for new users)
    • NEW: userdefined sql-queries for email abonnements and navbar notification in Maintenance -> Execute SQL Query
    • NEW: email notification deletion in quicklinks (user management)
    • NEW: link to vbsoccer settings in usercp
    • CHANGED: Correction of some English translations
  • version 1.4.19
    • bugfix for incompatibility with vbulletin < 4.0.4
  • version 1.4.18
    • many improvements (rankinglists, league tables) and bug fixes
  • version 1.4.17
    • vbulletin version dependency (4.0.4)
    • backward-compatible extension of the block manager ( new method getData() in vbulletin 4.0.4 :erm: )
  • version 1.4.16
    • NEW: editable homepage url in league manager
    • NEW: Rules / FAQ (translatable, replacementvars); default without content!
    • NEW: hook 'vbsoccer_end'
    • NEW: hook 'vbsoccer_nav'
    • NEW: templatehook: 'vbsoccer_navlink_after_hall_of_fame'
    • NEW: templatehook: 'vbsoccer_navblock_above_leagues'
    • NEW: templatehook: 'vbsoccer_navblock_after_leagues'
    • NEW: templatehook: 'vbsoccer_navlink_above_settings'
    • NEW: templatehook: 'vbsoccer_navlink_after_thread'
    • NEW: templatehook: 'vbsoccer_navblock_after_others'
    • NEW: ad location 'ad_vbsoccer_above_footer' (ad manager)
    • NEW: template 'ad_vbsoccer_above_footer'
    • NEW: translation spanish
    • NEW: navtab-pulldown menu settings (templatehook-position-selector)
    • REMOVED: automatic menu group assignment (when editing a league)
    • REMOVED: template 'ad_vbsoccer_first'
    • REMOVED: template 'ad_vbsoccer_sidebar_start'
    • REMOVED: template 'ad_vbsoccer_sidebar_end'
    • minor improvements / fixes
  • version 1.4.15
    • NEW: navtab-settings (templatehook-position-selector, custom phrase) :)
    • FIX: typo in template 'vbsoccer_rankingbit' (quickfix)
    • FIX: repeated loading of css and js-code (multiple vbsoccer forum sidebar blocks activated)
  • version 1.4.14
    • NEW: forum sidebar compatibility with add-on "Everywhere Sidebar" (missing styles and ajax functions in subforums and "Everywhere")
    • NEW: compatibility with russian premier league
    • NEW: icon bulk import (league manager; "Import missing team icons...")
    • REMOVED: russian language file iso-8859-5
  • version 1.4.13
    • CHANGED: extreme reduction of the data traffic and requests to the data services (new indicators for changes in the league data, the game data, team data). acceleration of the data service operations.
    • CHANGED: Changes in authentication to the data service.
    • CHANGED: Linking as forum is now optional!
    • FIX: missing template variable {vb:raw headinclude_bottom} in template 'vbsoccer_shell'
    • FIX: kickoff-date emphasis works only with vbulletin default datetime settings
    • FIX: "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare construct_matchbit()" (> 1 vbsoccer forum block activated)
    • NEW: language files russian
    • NEW: editable homepage url in team manager
    • NEW: initialization for use of 'hooks'. hook 'vbsoccer_start' at the top of the file 'vbsoccer.php'
    • NEW: usergroup permission 'canview' (for standalone integration (without forum link))
    • NEW: forumjump / quicknav is back (lost with conversion to vbulletin4)
    • NEW: sidebar aliasname for teams (Translatable)
    • NEW: vbsoccer-forumbit-templates 'forumhome_forumbit_level1_post_vbsoccer' and 'forumhome_forumbit_level2_post_vbsoccer'
  • version 1.4.12
    • FIX: fixed some bugs (and probably added some *g*)
    • FIX: version chaos in languages files.
    • CHANGED: many many design adjustments.
    • CHANGED: bets and points also in live scores (read only and linked with the associated matchday)
    • minor improvements
  • version 1.4.11
    • FIX: Improper use of css rollup mechanism
    • CHANGED: vb version dependency
  • version 1.4.10
    • FIX: css properties '.alt1' and '. alt2' do not exist in the version "vbulletin4 forum"! (Deleted css properties 'alt1' and 'alt2' restored)
    • FIX: add-on 'ibProArcade' loads always global css-styles and overwrites vbulletin- and vbsoccer-stylevars with hard-coded colors in '.alt1' and '.alt2' :(
      anti-plugin 'ibProArcade-css-killer' added :)
    • minor improvements
  • version 1.4.9
    • NEW: result colors in the cross table
      Attachment 115371
    • NEW: customizable stylevars for result colors in the cross table
      Attachment 115372
    • FIX: border above league description in 'Table', 'Cross Table', 'Ranking List'
      Attachment 115374
    • FIX: results in cross tables not centered
    • CHANGED: team icon *and* shortname in cross tables (left side)
      Attachment 115373
  • version 1.4.8
    • NEW: recovery functions for leagues and teams (deleted or nonexistent phrases, especially for unconventional vbulletin upgrade from vb3 to vb4) without data loss, reinstall or juggle with database tables.
      Attachment 115354 Attachment 115353
    • minor improvements
  • version 1.4.7
    • fix: livescores are not updated
  • version 1.4.6
    • fix: template 'vbsoccer_leaguefooter' uncached in match details
    • fix: top-reporter list did not work
    • fix: incomplete page title
    • changed: "Total Rankings" default (current month)
    • minor improvements
  • version 1.4.5
    • fix: sorting does not work (overall ranking, sort columns)
    • fix: right-to-left bug (league headers with league icons)
    • fix: line breaks in league descriptions
    • many (extensive) design changes / corrections
    • minor improvements
  • version 1.4.4
    • fix: cronjob (too much unnecessary data service requests / incorrect evaluation of the last update timestamp)
    • fix: season display (Norwegian Tippeligaen: 2010/2011 instead of 2010)
    • added: menu-icon norway (needed for Tippeligaen)
    • translated team names in team-list (team manager)
    • minor improvements
  • version 1.4.3
    • bugfix: XML self-closing tag syntax used on <a> (team manager - homepage url)
    • bugfix: XML self-closing tag syntax used on <a> (league manager - homepage url)
    • bugfix: Unmatched </form> encountered. (team manager - team list)
    • bugfix: Unmatched </col> encountered. (team manager - team list)
    • new: league season list in team manager (incl. intelligent redirection after league edit)
    • new: team list in league manager (incl. intelligent redirection after team edit)

AA_ 11 Mar 2010 23:43

9 Attachment(s)
*reserved (screenshots)*

Juggernaut 12 Mar 2010 00:16

Reserved :D

gib 12 Mar 2010 00:34

superb addon, looking forward to trying this out :)

keep up the great work !!!

JakeR 12 Mar 2010 00:47

Very nice addon, thank you.

TimberFloorAu 12 Mar 2010 01:02

Excellent work.

1. is this fully phrased.
2. is it usergroup permissable.
3. are the scores fetched dynamically


xStat 12 Mar 2010 02:04

Can I add the swedish allsvenskan for myself?

Juggernaut 12 Mar 2010 04:57

This looks great, but where can I change the font color, it's not blending in all that well with my forum style :mmm:

AA_ 12 Mar 2010 07:33


Originally Posted by xStat (Post 2001836)
Can I add the swedish allsvenskan for myself?

I can do for 2010/2011 season


Originally Posted by Destron (Post 2001918)
This looks great, but where can I change the font color, it's not blending in all that well with my forum style :mmm:

ACP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> CSS Templates -> vbsoccer.css

RedHacker 12 Mar 2010 07:57

Is it possible to have greek league...?

Black-CA 12 Mar 2010 08:12

I like this mod. Nominate for MOTM.

Support is also very good.

AA_ 12 Mar 2010 08:17


Originally Posted by RedHacker (Post 2001976)
Is it possible to have greek league...?

2010/2011 (super league)

Arcade Fire 12 Mar 2010 08:29

thanks! great mod, AA :)

AA_ 12 Mar 2010 09:07

2 Attachment(s)
I found a error.

settings & options:

Attachment 113945

search in template 'vbsoccer_shell':

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

replace with:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Attachment 113946

sorry :)

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