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TrashMail Blacklist
by tr1cky
04 Aug 2013 18:52

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Hey guys,

some may want their users to register from a legit E-Mail Address e.g. to prevent spam or to decrease the number of inappropriate posts from people that just quickly registered an account to flame a bit.
I searched for a good trashmail blacklist on vbulletin.org and found none, so why not share one with the community?

Here's a trashmail blacklist you can use by going into Settings -> Options -> User Banning Options and interserting it into the Banned Email Addresses field.

I will update the list consistently, so please tick "Mark as Installed" to get a notification if the list was updated.

Update 23-11-2013: Added 26 more trashmail addresses.
Update 02-07-2014: Added 20 more trashmail addresses.



Fluke667 05 Aug 2013 16:51

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Added 19 Hosts to your List :)

ForceHSS 05 Aug 2013 17:03

Not really a mod. Hard to know what section to add this too

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