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Test enviroment always forwards to main url
by THX_Ultra
04 May 2022 18:46

Hi maybe one of you can help, since I just don't find the error or the mistake that I made.

We ar running this board www.r-l-x.de and I wanted to clone it to have a new testing environment
since the old test board kind of crashed ;)

So I set it up on r-l-x.biz - I changed the database entries for the forum url from r-l-x.de to r-l-x.biz - but as soon as I enter the url - it immediately redirects me to the r-l-x.de site.

Honestly I don't what is wrong, maybe one of you can give me a hint.

Thanks so much, Michael

Seven Skins 05 May 2022 18:25

Check your .htaccess file

THX_Ultra 11 May 2022 12:52

That was my thought too, but there is no .htaccess File in the root directory, or in the forum directory. Could this be still somewhere in the database, or maybe an issue with https?

THX_Ultra 19 May 2022 09:38

Any Ideas? Could the redirect be in the Database, somewhere? We checked htaccess and any kind of domain forwarding is not the case.

Thanks for your input

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