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Advanced attachment check (RU, EN)
by PGP
01 Sep 2011 10:39

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This product only for Administrative purposes.
It can do 3 different additional attachemnt checks.
  • Check for lost attachements (That exist in Db, but not in Filesystem)
  • Check for attachments, that already doesnt belong to any post
  • Check for files in FS on your Attachment Path that not actually attachments

janslu 01 Sep 2011 13:56

thank you for this! I've had a system failure (raid error) few years ago and lost few thousand attachments. I was looking for a way to remove them but it was too difficult for my limited php abilities ;-)

Now - a few questions:
1. will this work with vb 4.1?
2. readme file is unreadable, but judging from screenshots it is possible to scan attachments and mark deleted/lost ones with a special note in the post. Is this right?

PGP 02 Sep 2011 08:21

Really i'dont know. But i think it will not work with vb 4.*, because of different DB structure :(
Yes, you can add some notice, that will be added in posts, from where faulty attachments were deleted. For deatils you can Settings in AdminCP. This option has description ;)

mindhunter77 03 Sep 2011 05:38

In Add Notice to Post. When Yes is selected, and you change the notice text to something custom, the saved text does not persist and the default notice is inserted into the post anyway.

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