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DragonByte Tech 08 Dec 2011 16:35


Originally Posted by temsamane (Post 2275858)
is it possible to add a popup link? (link to open chatbrowser)

Not a popup per say, but you could open a new page than the page you are on.


DragonByte Tech 09 Dec 2011 17:12

Updated files to solve some issues, re download and upload the files to your server, no need to re import the xml.


icona 21 Dec 2011 09:47

possible we have some problem with vb 4.1.9 version?

DragonByte Tech 21 Dec 2011 11:43

Not that I am aware of, I tested the lite version on 4.1.9 and it is working as intended.

What issues are you having?


Vick98 21 Dec 2011 16:50

I really like the products you provide but I always go elsewhere for the same product because of the following:

This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting

DragonByte Tech 21 Dec 2011 21:25

The links to DragonByte Tech and the Product Description link are all on one line.

The Hivelocity branding is removable with a setting in the acp.

You can always purchase the branding free, even for the lite versions of the mods.


DragonByte Tech 24 Dec 2011 01:01

vBNavTabs v1.1.0:

Functionality & Added Features:
Fixed: A issue with tabs only showing one sub-link if their was more than one added. (Lite)
Fixed: A issue with dropdown tabs only showing one dropdown item if their was more than one added. (Lite)
Fixed: A missing phrase in the DB for title, which was showing a blank line when you went to Phrase Manager / Phrase Type in ACP (Lite/Pro)
Added: Ability to hide Global Search Box (Pro)
Added: Images for dropdown tabs (Pro)
Added: Images for dropdown items (Pro)
Added: Images for tabs with sub-links (Pro)
Added: Images for sub-links (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image for the vb default Home tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image for the vb default Forum tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image for the vb default Blogs tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image for the vb default What's New tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default vBActivity tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default vBArcade tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default vBCredits tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default vBDownloads tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default vBMail tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default vBQuiz tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default vBShop tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default Forumon RPG tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the DBT default Triple Triad tab (Pro)
Added: A images directory to stylevars, so you can have different images for different styles (Pro)
Added: A stylevar so you can control the padding around the sub-links so they are not so close together (Lite/Pro)
Added: A stylevar so you can control the minimum width of the dropdowns, as vB had the value hardcoded (Lite/Pro)
Added: Ability to have dropdown tabs pop open on hover (Lite/Pro)
Added: A stylevar so you can control the padding in between the images and the tab text, dropdown text and sub-link text (Pro)
Added: Ability to add rel="nofollow" to the tabs, dropdowns and sub-links URL's (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a Search Tab, similar to the vB default Search (Pro)
Added: Ability to add a image to the Search tab (Pro)
Added: Ability to hide the Search tab from guests (Pro)
Added: 8608 16x16 icons, 7399 22x22 icons and 7159 24x24 icons to the product from various sources.
These images are free for commercial use, and free to distribute under Various licenses which is a readme.txt file in the Icons folder.
The Icons are in the Do Not Upload folder, so it will save resources on your server.
Pricing does not include these images, as DBT is not selling them, only re-distributing them. (Pro)
Updated: readme.txt file with instructions for using the stylevars system with the Image Directory (Pro)

For Translation Purposes (Pro):
Removed: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_image_path
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_image_tab
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_image_droptab
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_image_dropitem
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_image_sublink
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_hide_search_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_hide_search_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_home_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_home_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_forum_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_forum_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_blog_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_blog_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_whats_new_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_whats_new_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_vbnavtabs_nofollow_title
Added: The phrase, setting_vbnavtabs_nofollow_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_vbactivity_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_vbactivity_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_arcade_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_arcade_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_credits_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_credits_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_downloads_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_downloads_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_mail_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_mail_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_quiz_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_quiz_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_shop_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_shop_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_forumon_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_forumon_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_triple_triad_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_triple_triad_image_desc
Added: The phrase, stylevar_popup_width_description
Added: The phrase, stylevar_popup_width_name
Added: The phrase, stylevar_vbnavtabs_image_padding_description
Added: The phrase, stylevar_vbnavtabs_image_padding_name
Added: The phrase, stylevar_vbnavtabs_popup_width_description
Added: The phrase, stylevar_vbnavtabs_popup_width_name
Added: The phrase, stylevar_vbnavtabs_sublink_padding_description
Added: The phrase, stylevar_vbnavtabs_sublink_padding_name
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_search
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_search_search
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_search_button
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_show_threads
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_show_posts
Added: The phrase, dbtech_vbnavtabs_advanced_search
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_search_tab_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_search_tab_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_search_tab_image_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_search_tab_image_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_guests_search_tab_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_guests_search_tab_desc
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_hover_menu_title
Added: The phrase, setting_dbtech_vbnavtabs_hover_menu_desc

thecore762 24 Dec 2011 02:23

Very nice update!

DragonByte Tech 24 Dec 2011 02:51

Thanks, it was a quite a bit of work, but I am happy with the results, as I hope the users will be to.


Teascu Dorin 24 Dec 2011 09:05

1 Attachment(s)
Here you have the Romanian translation for vBNavTabs v1.1.0

You can also use for download another 2 (two) sources:


Papa Bear 24 Dec 2011 17:19

Nice work on the update .thanks.

DragonByte Tech 29 Dec 2011 04:18

Fixed: A issue with tabs not opening to a new tab in the browser if target _blank was selected. (Pro)
Fixed: A issue that I discovered, with Apache Error Logs showing errors if tabs had a image and you visited the page in the acp "Manage Tabs". (Pro) Possibly Lite to, as the code was in the files also.

The errors look something like this:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Those can all be deleted, the errors caused no harm, just was some code I had tested out and forgot to remove, so when you viewed the page "Manage Tabs" in the acp it was looking for the images.

Lazorbeam 02 Jan 2012 13:57

I got so excited when I saw the update... then noticed there was no 2nd level navigation :(.

I would love you for ever if you eventually coded that. Instant buy.

DragonByte Tech 02 Jan 2012 17:07

That has been requested and will be in a future update, probably v2.0.0 but I am not sure when that will come about.


KGodel 02 Jan 2012 21:20

I am still getting the error after upgrading where only 1 drop-down link will show.

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