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Reply to All Recipients in Private Messages
by Shadow
15 Jul 2012 16:05

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Quick little modification that adds a Reply to All Recipients feature. You are able to choose from three modes of functionality:

Recipients Line will display the Reply to All link on the same line as the list of Recipients.
Inline will add a box underneath the message containing the link but will also add a query.
Both will display the link on the Recipients Line and also in a box underneath the message. This will also add a query.

Instructions for Use:
  1. Simply download the .xml file that is attached.
  2. Upload using Product Manager.
  3. The setting is located at AdminCP -> Options -> Private Messaging Options.
Valter and ForumMods for some useful code.

I'm always looking to improve my work for the people that enjoy using it. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve this hack then please leave a comment and I'll see what I'm able to do. Don't forget to 'Mark As Installed' if you've got it installed!

Nirjonadda 15 Jul 2012 16:41

Can you Please add an option to Delete PM on Send ?

Shadow 15 Jul 2012 16:52

See this modification of mine - http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=284846

If you'd like it separately, let me know and I'll work on it.

Nirjonadda 15 Jul 2012 16:59

Yes separately locked on Private Messaging Options with User Group permission !

Shadow 15 Jul 2012 18:04

It's finished, here you go: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=285587

RobertoMuggli 22 Sep 2013 08:33

Thank you for this mod, it works perfectly!

For consistency with the theme, I would suggest you change line 22 from this

<div class="blockbody">

to this

<div class="blockbody formcontrols">

To achieve the same look as the "Delete this message" box

Also a white space is needed before the opening parenthesis in recipients_reply_all

attroll 26 May 2014 02:15

I would like a simple mode without all the bells and whistles this has. I want a mod that will simply allow me to Reply to All Recipients in Private Message with the option to select which user groups can use this feature and would like it to follow the default PM rules of VB. Can that be done?

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