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Change Threads Prefix Inline
by Milad
10 Mar 2008 18:34

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Introduction & Description:
It is difficult to change threads' prefixes, thread by thread, the editing process of each thread to change the prefix is inappropriate and it takes a long time.
This product allows you to set a prefix to multiple threads inline, using the moderation drop-down menu in forum display page (see the screen shoot). you will save your time and effort.

  • One-click mass thread prefix changing (You can select a prefix in the drop down menu and apply the change instantly to many threads).
  • Remove prefix: works only if prefixes are not required in the current forum.
  • All changes are logged in the Moderator Log.

How to use?
It works exactly like closing, opening, sticking or unsticking multiple threads inline.

See the screenshot
Attachment 77054

You can't change threads' prefix across forums. any selected threads from forums different from the current one, will be ignored.
This is because of vBulletin currently aren't able to check against the validity of a prefix for a given forum.

Installation & Upgrade: 3.7.0 beta 5 at least is required.
One step! Import the product file product-threadprefix_changeinline.xml and you're done.
Choose yes to overwrite for upgrading.

Change log:
  • 1.0.0 released on April, 16 2007
  • 1.1.0 released on September, 13 2007
    • Added the default prefixes and fixed some bugs.
  • 2.0.0 released on March, 10 2008
    • this version is compatible with 3.7.x series.
    • the thread prefix mod is no longer required.
  • 2.0.1 released on March, 13 2008

Click install to receive support & updates.

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FleaBag 10 Mar 2008 18:41

Very useful, thanks! I wanted to edit about 300 threads to add a prefix, and while I'd been hoping for a forumdisplay AJAX method to be released, this will do just fine instead! Thanks.

Milad 10 Mar 2008 18:44

You like it? nominate it.

KURTZ 10 Mar 2008 18:44


macc 10 Mar 2008 18:45

installed and very usefull!

how change prefixes on another language or put some more?



Milad 10 Mar 2008 18:47


Originally Posted by macc (Post 1461624)
how change prefixes on another language or put some more?

This is a vbulletin support question.

This mod will grab the prefixes automatically from your forums. no action is required by you for this mod to work.


macc 10 Mar 2008 19:10

thanks ...



FleaBag 10 Mar 2008 19:33


Originally Posted by Milad (Post 1461620)
You like it? nominate it.

I rated and installed, but forgot to nominate! I have done so, as it really deserves it. My favourire hacks are the ones which make my life easier where vB does not meet my admin needs.

Forum Lover 10 Mar 2008 21:23

It just need to be built in with vb as default. this hack is handy.

Milad 10 Mar 2008 21:27

Thank you FleaBag

Barakat 10 Mar 2008 21:55

Thanks Milad ,

Phalynx 10 Mar 2008 21:59

Have been waiting for this, thanks.

FleaBag 10 Mar 2008 22:47


Originally Posted by Milad (Post 1461722)
Thank you FleaBag

You're welcome!

You can forget what I was saying about AJAX too. After seeing this in action I am even more impressed! I thought selecting the threads would take me to another page where I would then need to select each prefix automatically.

I then realised I can select the prefixes in the drop down menu and apply the changes instantly. I'm going to do a few hundred threads now! :)

D.Ilyin 11 Mar 2008 08:40

Milad thanks!

Suggestion: new future - Remove prefix (or Clear Prefix)

PS: and agree - this must be own vB function.

ups.... sory for mistake with nickname =(

Milad 11 Mar 2008 12:34


Originally Posted by D.Ilyin (Post 1462084)
Suggestion: new future - Remove prefix (or Clear Prefix)

I'm going to take this into account. but only if the prefix - in a given forum - is not required.

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