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How to dissalow posting of links to certain usergroup?
by Cool Dog
11 Jan 2011 07:16

Probably in the same boat as most people having to deal with spam accounts... Tried one of the stopforumspam mods but it slowed my forum down too much.

Is there a way to make it so a certain usergroup cannot post a link? So far I can only see this for not allowing bbcode for signatures.

metalguy639 11 Jan 2011 18:24

This is the best way to do this:


Cool Dog 12 Jan 2011 00:44

Wow, nice thanks a lot :D

metalguy639 12 Jan 2011 03:44

No problem. That hack I've used in several places and installed it for clients. It works nicely so you should not have a problem with links.

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