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Query Parameters in Google Custom Search
by Seductor
16 May 2012 16:38

I'm using Google Custom Search and I found that they ask to enter your 'Query Parameter'. It is the word or words that designate an internal query parameter such as "term,search,query". Sometimes the word is just a letter, such as "s" or "q".

However, vBulletin doesn't have query parameters in their url.

I'm wondering if someone could help me or give me an idea about how to display something like this in my search queries:



BirdOPrey5 17 May 2012 14:30

The problem (as I see it) is the URL you get when you perform a search is really just a link to cached search results. The search query (url) itself actually looks a lot more like you would expect (with keywords in the URL) but it is not put in the final URL.

The actual keywords used in the query are technically saved in the "searchlog" table but the data is "serialized."

I suppose with an extra query on some search_results hook you could lookup the data from the searchlog table and attempt to reconstruct the URL, but I don't know if after the fact would be useful to Google or not. I suppose some sort of 301 redirect before the results are displayed could work but there is a lot of work and a lot of unknowns in trying something like this.

Seductor 05 Sep 2012 22:41

If anyone is interested, Digital Point Analytics can do it.

Eosian 06 Sep 2012 15:16

You probably could've done this just by using the actual search URL, not the search result;


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