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by ShadowX
12 Oct 2015 20:19


Dave 12 Oct 2015 20:37

Check the error logs of your webserver/PHP, it should tell you exactly what's going wrong.

Lynne 12 Oct 2015 22:45

What did you uninstall? If it was a style, then did you make sure to pick a new default style for your site?

Did this ruin your whole site or is that the only blank page? And I assume you went over this - https://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/blank_pages ?

ShawneyJ 12 Oct 2015 22:58

I would re-upload the files and product and try again.

ShawneyJ 12 Oct 2015 23:02

What happens if you upload those files back to the server? Your forum should appear in most cases man.

ShawneyJ 12 Oct 2015 23:26

Damn, if you want me to have quick look let me know man.

ozzy47 12 Oct 2015 23:39

Sounds to me like you deleted something you should not have. Try re uploading all vB default files. If that don't work, upload all the files from your backup.

TheLastSuperman 12 Oct 2015 23:51

This article explains how to regain admincp access:
Disabling Modifications OR Plugins via SQL Query - Fix AdminCP/Forum Access

This is an article I literally just finished today (seriously like 10mins ago max lol) and luckily I noticed your thread so use the info here to know exactly how and what to uninstall ;).

ShawneyJ 13 Oct 2015 00:40

Hey man, i did find that changing the Cap "D" helped reinstall the product changing folder to dbtech not Dbtech. But you will need to ask here: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showt...=262924&page=6
on why when you uninstall it, you get a blank white page.
You get a white blank page when disabling product and or uninstall product.
You get a white blank page when doing anything to do with uninstalling that mod.
Uninstalling product then files dont work, and vice verser.

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