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inactive posting gets you placed in restricted usergroup.
by pyes
31 Aug 2012 00:08

I have been searching for hours and cannot find a plugin that im hoping exists. Any links would be greatly appreciated.

Im looking for a mod that will either restrict inactive posters or move them to a restricted usergroup. The keyword is ''POSTING''. I want to be able to restrict members (from certain forum sections) who do not POST weekly or monthly. Im not referring to lurkers or inactive logins. Just Posting inactivity.

Is there anything out there that meets my needs?

The closest I can find to that is ''Move Inactive and Lurker Users To New Usergroup''
but this has to do with logging in only and as soon as they log in they are placed back into action.

Thank you in advance for any and all replies.

peugeot405 31 Aug 2012 16:45

Mayby this is the mod you are looking for:

Inactive User Demotion

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