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File size...
by LgsOfChampions
17 Sep 2013 01:24

Where do you change the file size to upload on your forum. Trying to upload a zip file and says it's to big.

I checked the attachment section and i saw nothing... thanks

ozzy47 17 Sep 2013 01:27

ACP --> Attachments --> Attachment Manager, edit any extension you want to change and change the value in the Max File-size field.

smirkley 17 Sep 2013 03:54

You may have to also change the filesize limit in php too, if we are talking huge.

LgsOfChampions 17 Sep 2013 16:37

Yea, I've looked in there and edit everything before I made post and nothing worked. Still saying my file is to big to download on the board.

i can't seem to find the location to the php to change that, cause it's not in the attached manager nor the user groups

smirkley 17 Sep 2013 17:45


admincp --> maintenance --> view php info

What do these two variables state?
post_max_size ?
upload_max_filesize ?

You will most likely have to change those variables to a higher number ie
post_max_size 15M
upload_max_filesize 15M

Then HUP/Restart apache.

If you dont have root access to restart apache, you can try using a local php.ini file with this in it, thats if your host allows local php.ini override by clients, upload php.ini to your public_html/root folder.


As well you host may allow php_flag in a htaccess file.
edit .htaccess and add the following to it.
php_flag post_max_size 15M
php_flag upload_max_filesize 15M
courtesy of snakes1100

ozzy47 17 Sep 2013 20:35

These server settings may also effect your attachment upload limits:

PHP Settings:

MySQL Settings:

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