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Facebook Insights (analytics)
by nitra1000
29 Mar 2011 13:01

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Facebook insights is the offical analytical application for facebook pages/apps/websites. You can use it to see:
  • Total Interactions
  • Impressions from those interactions
  • Referrals from those impressions
  • Demographics of these people (age range, gender, location)
These can be split between uses of the like button and just organic links.

If you like the sound of it it's relatively simple to do infact if you are using facebook connect with your forum, you don't have to touch your VB Install at all.

To install on the VB Facebook Connect Application
  1. Login to Facebook -
    To skip to 8. click here to go directly to insights
  2. In the search box type Facebook Developers
  3. Click the link and go to the Facebook Developers group
    Assuming you have already set up the application as you did when you installed facebook connect on your forum
  4. On the right hand side you should see the name of your application, click it
  5. Again on the right hand side should be a list, click "Insights" in that list
  6. You should see some stats of your App (ohhh arrrrr)
  7. Click insights on the breadcrumb line
  8. On the right corner should be a green button called "Insights for your Website", click it
  9. Enter your domain and in the drop down select your application
    It will give you some meta code to put in your header, but this should already be there due to your facebook connect
  10. Click get insights, and job is a good 'un
For pages and personal accounts the procedure is roughly the same just selct a differnt option in the drop down box, then you just have to insert the meta code given to you into the bottom of the HEADERINCLUDE template (before the </head>.

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