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unenergizer 21 Dec 2007 06:17


Originally Posted by Magnumutz (Post 1405257)
Dude, i'm still waiting on the fixed width of this skin.

you do know that this is something i am providing for free. do not boss me around or this skin will be removed just like the others. thank you.

Magnumutz 21 Dec 2007 09:07

Dude, i'm not "bossing" you, i just like fixed width better, and i reminded you that we appreciate your work and i'm eagerly waiting for it (fixed).
Don't you think i would've ranted you if i had something against you or w/e?

BlizzardHQ 21 Dec 2007 13:10

It's this sort of attitude as to why so many have stopped releasing here.

Anyway, thank you for this. Vb7 and this theme actully inspired me to bring my site back from the grave :)

If you would like to see a working demo of this without a billion pop-up ads.. visit http://www.BlizzardHQ.com I am also working on intergrating this skin into Media Wiki.

ThePulse 21 Dec 2007 18:34

this theme is great! i just wish i knew more about photoshop because i got confused with the psd :D anyway great skin many thanks!

is there a fix for the fixed width? i looked in the template but couldnt see what template it would be situated


unenergizer 21 Dec 2007 21:17

Ill fix it when i get home today.

ThePulse 21 Dec 2007 23:40


Originally Posted by unenergizer (Post 1406402)
Ill fix it when i get home today.

Thanks pal :D

vBO 22 Dec 2007 07:27

thank you unenergizer

KURTZ 22 Dec 2007 13:45

unenergizer, just a question, i need to change the light blue color in red (cause my home page is black and red) can you tell me what is the settings that i must change?


mastertek2000 24 Dec 2007 22:03

works great but seam do be missing some buttons images when you look @ some ones profile they are missing

FinalX-TeaM 26 Dec 2007 13:58

good style

XxBuLLeTz 29 Dec 2007 06:25

looks good.

Bro_Joey_Gowdy 04 Jan 2008 04:39

Looks great! :)


mknjhill 09 Jan 2008 03:11

Amazing Style!

Evolution06 09 Jan 2008 18:21

Nice! Installed only problem is you have to use some images from the default skin for the members profiles but it's easy enough

Chance4Today 09 Jan 2008 21:49

replied to wrong one sorry LOL

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