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Can't login from .com address, only index.php
by drjdh
14 Dec 2009 03:13

I have been running a site under the index.php address, making modifications, etc. When I directed the server to my .com address, it seems to display fine. The only thing is that it will accept a login normally, but then redirect me to the login screen (even for the admin). The forums remain locked to the user. I can still login fine with the index.php address and the website maintains full functionality.

Any solutions? :erm:

Black Tiger 16 Dec 2009 16:12

First of all, the index.php is not an address but a file.
I'm trying to understand what you are saying, please tell me if my interpretation is correct.

You have a http://www.yourforums.com domain name. When all is setup correctly on the webserver, automatically the file http://www.yourforums.com/index.php will be loaded and your forums start to work and display fine.

After logging in, you and your users are redirected to the login screen again.
Only if you use the full http://www.yourforums.com/index.php line in your browser, you seen to be able to login fine.

If I understand this correctly, the cause is almost certain a cookie problem and possibly a cookie path setup wrong in your configuration of the admincp.

The best way to fix this is to leave the cookie path in the Admincp standard or put it back what it was. If all is correct only a / (a slash) should be present in that option.
After that close your browser, remove all cookies from your pc so your browser is clean again, and then try to login the "normal" way by only using the .com domain name without the index.php extension behind it.
Things should work fine now.

drjdh 16 Dec 2009 18:03

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Yes, Black Tiger, you described the situation perfectly.

When I login using the www.yourforums.com address, it says "thank you for logging in" then directs me to my website page with the login box blank just as before.

I checked my cookie path under options in the admincp. You can find an image of this attached below. I have not altered it, as I had vBulletin do the professional installation.

I cleared my internet cookies and retried it on a separate computer, and it still does not work.

It seemed like it stopped working after I had done some changes to the following:

1. customized text on the phrase manager for the new user registration email
2. added some advertisement to the left side bar
3. customized the title image
4. customized some text on the phrase manager for login instructions.
5. customized the webpage address icon favicon.ico
6. brought the site online with the hosting firm
7. signed up some new users

It seemed like it was working prior to this from my home computer, but these may not be related.

I have since asked the hosting firm to repoint my webpage to the www.yourforums.com/index.php site and to try to sort out any issues with the server (ipage.com)

- Jerry

drjdh 16 Dec 2009 19:34

Ok, after working on it for a while now, I am able to login under the myforum.com link. But here's the only problem:

1. first I log in at the site: www.yourforums.com.
2. It takes me back to the site: www.yourforums.com, with the member info blank. (address shows: www.yourforums.com)
3. I click a link for a thread, and it opens, no problem.
4. When I close the thread, it takes me back to www.yourforums.com/index.php, and the member information is now showing.

So the problem is that after login, the main website does not display member info until after you click a link and it redirects you back to the www.yourforums.com/index.php address.


Any ideas on what's going on here?

- Jerry

jboyd 16 Dec 2009 19:42

Not totally sure i understand the problem
It would be helpful if you created a dummy user account and shared that info here for people to test this behavior.

with that said and like i said i am not sure i understand but if you go to the "Site Name / URL / Contact Details" option in vbulletin option in admincp
does any of those settings have the value "www.yourforums.com/index.php"

if so remove the "/index.php" part

drjdh 16 Dec 2009 19:50

Interestingly enough, the problem just seemed to iron itself out after several logins using different accounts.

The login seems to be functioning properly now.

It seems very difficult to correct problems sometimes managing software on a server. At times, the results of your actions are delayed, and you do not realize until later that you actually corrected the problem. :(

- Thanks for all of your help Black Tiger and JBoyd! :)

- Jerry

jboyd 16 Dec 2009 19:55

glad it is working or you

when ever i make changes to mysite i purge all coockies and also flush my DNS cache as well

Black Tiger 16 Dec 2009 23:00

It could also be maybe the hosting firm has cleared old cache and cookies after you contacted them. When loggin in several times, old cache and cookies are overwritten by the server and then things get to work.

Stills seems to me it was a cookie problem. Happy to hear things are working again now.
Glad to be of help.

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