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Top Reputation on Forum Home
by Seven Skins
16 Dec 2009 17:13

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Top Reputation on Forum Home

This small modification will display members with highest reputation on forumhome page.

This modification can be:
- Enabled or Disable.
- Number of members to display can be edited.
- You can edit the phrase used in this hack.


-Import the XML file via ... AdminCP > Plugin & Products > Manage Products > Add/Import Product.
-Edit the setting via ... AdminCP > Settings > Options > SevenSkins Top Reputation.

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25 Nov 2010:
Updated for 4.0.8
Added - exclude user and usergroup.

16 Dec 2009:
Tested and working with vBulletin v4.0.0 GOLD


4nawadir.com 18 Dec 2009 13:10

Great Thanks ... Installed
Can i translate it to ARABIC ?

4nawadir.com 20 Dec 2009 12:01

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Thanks a lot ...
ArabiC version attached ... :D
[تعريب] : هاك عرض أكثر الأعضاء تقييما بالفورم هوم [الصفحة الرئيسية] تعريب 4nawadir.com

Boko577 23 Dec 2009 20:43

Nice work, this is pretty cool, but could you make a version that acts as a block in the sidebar? That would be a good mod to have. If it's not too hard, just pm me when you're finished. :)

Rickpwns 23 Jan 2010 18:30


COL NIL SATIS 23 Jan 2010 19:22

Installed..works great

Talk-Pets 23 Jan 2010 20:54

Good one :up: Installed.

Forum Lover 14 Mar 2010 00:50

Can I request a similar hack please? It was here before.

Most popular member, based on profile views.

Thanks in advance. :)

Seven Skins 14 Mar 2010 23:09


Originally Posted by Forum Lover (Post 2003123)
Can I request a similar hack please? It was here before.

Most popular member, based on profile views.

Thanks in advance. :)



furst 19 Apr 2010 07:29

Would be nice if you could set it to display top repped members within a given time, like the last week or month. Tagged in case of an update.

sticky 19 Apr 2010 09:10

Does this exclude admins and mods or at least certain user id's?

chriske 19 Apr 2010 10:39

Can u add an option to select the usergroups that can see this mod?

demonfatal 11 Jul 2010 15:04

I think a good and usefull idea will be to create a mod called: "Members With Highest thanked posts" too :)
Based on post thanks hack...

IceFanatic 04 Aug 2010 06:06


Anyway to make it so that the numbers show up with commas? Like 24,717 instead of 24717.

Stormlegion 02 Nov 2010 00:24

There is a (template?) displaying problem with 4.0.8 ...
any fix known?

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