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Domain Change
by danh111
16 Dec 2009 18:10


I'm changing my domain for my forum over to another one, i've updated the urls in the admin panel (general settings - Site Name/Url/Contact Details) however on the new domain it wont allow me to login.

Is there anything ive missed out?

I havent transferred the database over to the new domain but that shouldnt be a problem should it? It's on the same server.

Thanks in advance

jboyd 16 Dec 2009 19:37

check your cookie setting on the "Cookies and HTTP Header Options" this is most likely the cause of your problem

while testing it might be best to set the cookie domain to blank and also set the "Post Referrer Whitelist" setting on the general settings tab to include both domains

Black Tiger 16 Dec 2009 23:01

Also clear all cookies of your browser because old cookies can prevent you from loggin in.
See this thread, same problem occured:

snakes1100 17 Dec 2009 15:14

Upload tools.php from the do_not_upload folder from the vbulletin zip file to your admincp folder and run it in a browser and reset your options related to cookies & domain, then delete it off your ftp, clear all cookies, clear cache, then restart your browser.

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