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Movie plugin request
by izenberg
16 Nov 2014 15:10

Hello Guys,
I was just wondering is there any plugin it could add new features to members Area to select their movies (Anime,Manga,Music,and etc....) and add them to their list based on 3 things

1. Watch list (or music music list)
2. Watching now (or music listening now)
3. Going to watch it soon (or music going to listen)

and could show their list on their profiles? Kinda like add features to some part of forums and make some button under post to do such those thing?
Thanks in advance.:D

izenberg 30 Nov 2014 00:19

Anyone Know?

ozzy47 30 Nov 2014 00:22

I do not know of any such mod, you would need to probably pay someone to code it for you.

You can post a request in the Requests for Paid Services forum.

Be sure to read the sticky threads before hiring someone though. :)

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