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I hate to post another question :( (so many things to do though! lol) Font size...???
by Scrolls
29 May 2006 14:17

How do i change the font size for my forums? The font that's set for our users to post with etc. (I guess that would be called post and thread fonts?)

Its really too small right now, and people were having trouble reading what others posted due to the fonts being too small

peterska2 29 May 2006 16:08

In the main CSS (Style Manager > Drop down list > Main CSS > Go) for each part of the CSS there is a font size setting. Increase these as required for your site. You may need to experiment changing different ones until you find the right combination.

Scrolls 29 May 2006 16:18

change all the main CSS font size settings? or is thier one inparticular thats for the set font size for posts?
And what about codes for font size?

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