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Please welcome our new Moderator
by Lynne
13 Jul 2012 18:24

We are pleased to announce that Kevin, aka kh99, has accepted our invitation to join the vBulletin.org Moderating Team. He's been doing an exceptional job at helping out and we are very happy to have him on board.

Please give him a big Welcome. :)

borbole 13 Jul 2012 18:31

Congratulations kh99 :)

nerowolfe 13 Jul 2012 18:32

Good Job :)

TheLastSuperman 13 Jul 2012 18:32

I've been waiting for this :cool:.


Shadow 13 Jul 2012 18:38

Congratulations kh99. Great job getting this far!

ProFifaLeagues 13 Jul 2012 19:25

Congrats #kh99 always a great help around the place and one of them guys who always does his best to help you! Good to see you as part of the team

soniceffect 13 Jul 2012 19:44

welcome kh99 :)

Simon Lloyd 13 Jul 2012 20:31

I noticed this earlier, if there ever was a through and through good guy it was modelled on him, well deserved position :)

BirdOPrey5 13 Jul 2012 20:46

Congrats Kevin!

kh99 13 Jul 2012 23:10

Thanks everyone.

Max Taxable 14 Jul 2012 00:36

Congrats! Always a cordial and helpful guy.

We can PM you now though, right?

LouiseWilson 14 Jul 2012 00:40

Some one was drunk and made a mistake.......... hehe only joking

anyone who helps to contribute to a community is worth of such a position.

Alecsmith 14 Jul 2012 05:38

Congrats Kevin :)

socialteenz 14 Jul 2012 08:17


Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman (Post 2347670)
I've been waiting for this :cool:.


Me too!!

mohammad6006 14 Jul 2012 11:25

welcome kh99

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