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Webmaster email & Admin Team emails to OUTLOOK EXPRESS
by Nadeemjp
27 Nov 2008 04:20

Respected fellow members

I dont know whether i should be posting this thread here or not, but since it is a general discussion and help cat, I would forward my inquiry here.

I have made a webmaster (for forum feedbacks) mail account and now the problem is as long as I use it from the phpadmin area IE mail software, I can both send and recieve the mails, but when i integrated it into outlook express, I can only recieve, but cannot send since there is always an error in sending.

Now someone told me that this is not vbulletin problem, I agree. But I am really at loss because I dont know whom should I ask this. So I have come here, from where I have always recieved help. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE pretty PLEASE help me out here?

Thank you

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