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Profile Field Character Counter
by DivisionByZero
12 Feb 2008 17:08

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This mod is a re-write of my 3.0.x character counter for profile fields. It simply counts down the number of remaining characters available for a user profile field.

This can also be implemented--with some tweaking--into hardcoded input fields in other templates. For requests, please post them in this thread. I may also post a tutorial on how to modify the formcode so you can easily implement this counter anywhere.

See screenshots for an example.

Note: This will not work with WYSIWYG editors. That's a whole new animal.


DivisionByZero 12 Feb 2008 17:13


bokmade 14 Feb 2008 02:16

I Think Some Of Member Use The Minimum Characters To Post A Reply In The Forum By Using Quick Reply It Will Be Better If You Develop This Mod With Count Down How Many Characters Have His Reply Or After How Many Characters The Post Reply Will Show ..

AnyWhy I Like It ..

Install ..

DivisionByZero 14 Feb 2008 02:22

I'm working on one now. It's a whole new mod though. I may integrate the two at some point.

Mrdby 10 Jul 2008 22:29

can we update this please?

Madlike 15 Jul 2008 19:04

Like it thanks !

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