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Profile Tab Order
by transparent
04 Jan 2009 21:05

Hi All,

I installed and have this additional profile tab hack working. I'm wondering how I can change the order of this new tab (from the hack)? By default the hack places the new tab in the number 6 position and I would like to have it in number 3 spot.

Anyone know how to do this? The author referred me here. I found how to change the order of the default VB tabs but his new tab does not appear there so I'm not sure how to do it.

Thank you for your time!:)

Lynne 04 Jan 2009 21:30

How is he adding the tab - using a template hook? If so, move the template hook he is using to the place you want it in the MEMBERINFO template. Find the place where all the $blocks are listed surrounded by the $template_hooks.

transparent 04 Jan 2009 21:54

That worked...thx!

yotsume 15 Aug 2009 11:22

How do you order tabs such as vbBlog, Experience, and other mods that all seem to use: $template_hook[profile_left_last] as their hook? Just moving that one hook moves all related mods attached to in and makes a nice mess of the order.

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