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Arcade bug design
by nte
26 Jan 2021 23:16

Hi everyone ! :)

I have more bugs . I just install the mod and I dont modificite I didn't change anything .

1. The legends stands upright instead horizontal

2. How to change the background off my buttons ?

3. How to change some text color ( like in the picture ) and that the nick of the user were disply in his color and size of his usergroup

Thx for reading and I hope someone will answer ...


nte 29 Jan 2021 21:45


Looks like a skin/style problem, not a arcade problem.

Do you have any other skin/style installed to see? Maybe try vbulletins default skin.
Yes , you were right . Its a skin problem .
On my default skin works fine , but I would like it if its possible that works on my other skin . That other skin/style is used .

Did you know where I can start looking to fix that ?

Thx (:

Mark.B 30 Jan 2021 11:28

Just a quick thought but have you dealt with the Flash issue? Flash doesn't work by default now and it's quite a a lot of messing about to get round it, one way or the other.

stangger5 03 Feb 2021 19:47


Originally Posted by nte (Post 2606003)
Did you know where I can start looking to fix that ?

Thx (:

I posted at fix on my site, in this thread. Skin help thread.

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