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vBSocial.com | Pixel Premium 3.25.2013
by daveaite
24 Jan 2010 02:45

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Pixel is a slightly darker theme with black and green transparencies.

vBSocial.com:Maker of the Most Free vBulletin 4.0 Styles on vB.org

Compatible with Facebook Open Graph

All themes are guaranteed to be supported for entire lifetime of 4.0

Pixel Space: Demo


Pixel Wood: Demo


Pixel Pixel: Demo


Pixel Glow: Demo


Pixel White Car: Demo



Originally Posted by kishorprins (Post 2183550)
Do you have option to buy a branding free for this skin? I really don't like the ad the bottom.



CMS: Yes
Forums : Yes
Blogs: Yes
Works with:
4.00 Yes
4.01: Yes
4.0.2 Yes
4.03 Yes
4.04 Yes
4.08 Yes
4.1PL2 Yes
4.2.PL3 Yes

One Package. Multiple XML's depending on which theme(s) you need to use.

Fix Log

v.1.28 Fixed issues on vB4.2.PL3
v1.27: Updated to 4.1.1
V.1.26 Fixed Editor Buttons Glitch with version update
v.1.25 - Fixed about 15 bugs with forum-home, to hover links.
v1.24 -Fixed additional profile issues. Minor fixes as well.
v.123 -Profile Issues FIXED! Links & text header bug
-Blog member pages fixed
-Sidebar colors updated
-Larger log-in for people with bad eyes.
-Pagination fixes.
-Margin fixes in CMS
-Upgraded to latest version 4.1PL2
v.1.22: v.4.08 fixes.
Fixed Transparency errors. Reduced transparency sizes and widths for faster page load.
Purely Optimization & SEO Fixes. Optimized the theme to load 97.7% faster than previous versions. Enjoy.

-Fixed buttons!
-Custom CSS on CMS allowing for ALL TYPES of backgrounds such as bright yellow/blue or white backgrounds you can now see the text better!

v1.18: vB Facebook Integration Works with Theme!! Get more members. Works with vB4.04
v.1.17: * Log-in Register Completely redone [JQUERY]
* Transparencies for log-in slider and CSS
* Transparencies for all the backgrounds
Easier to read posts and threads**
* New Navbar Look
* Faster loading times using lighter JPEG Images for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Status Icons including loading on and off
* New buttons! The basic ones just don't cut it these days.
* Added two entirely new themes, Space and Glow
* New Logo with editable regions including the .png file
* Specific Font colors adjusted to contrast well with themes
* CMS adjusted for better looks
* Sidebar widget drastically improved (see for yourself)
* CSS changes
* Border changes
# Pixel Premium Space (Completely New!)
# Pixel Premium Glow (Completely New!)
v.1.19 Update to VB4.1.9. Fixed some prolonging glitches.
v1.18 Minor Changes
v.1.17 Fixed button alternation & now themes are adjustable to any type of backgrounds including bright wallpapers such as white/yellow/blue backgrounds
v.1.16: Fixed Type Boxes to white
v.1.15: Blue Pixels Updated.
v.1.14: Pixel Car CMS fixes, must upload Entire Pixel.zip and rewrite over pixel car.
v.1.13: Updated to vB 4.0.3, some style changes to CMS, looks cleaner
v.1.12: Updated.
v.1.11: Fixed Profile and Album styling. Two Themes added: White Car and Green Car
V.1.10 Revised CMS / good for vB1.0.2
v.1.0.9: All backgrounds Fixed. Image stays put while forums scroll affect.
v.1.0.8 Fixes Background for Postbit User Glitch. Re-download XML Pixels.zip. No Images need to be re-uploaded. 2/8/2010
v.1.0.7 Fix Quotations.
v.1.0.6 Added White Wood and White Pixel. XML's in one folder, images in one folder.
v.1.0.5: Backgrounds now fits larger screens. Optimized image for faster loading time (cuts load time by 50%). .png -> .jpg file format.
v.1.0.4 Blue Wood[Pixel] & Green Wood[Pixel] Added. Pixel Lights Scrapped. Fixed a major glitch with thread inputs.
v.1.0.3 Blue Lights[Pixel] & Green Lights[Pixel] Added
v.1.0.3 Image fix
v.1.0.2 Directory fixes. Pixel Blue. Color changes. lighter transparencies
v.1.01 : Vertical Image Repeat

Install Directions:
1. Combine the [pixel pack 2] images folder with pixel pack 1 images.
These themes use the same image folder so just add them.vBulletin
has a maximum upload

2.Open FTP Upload the contents of the folder "upload" into their respective folders:

"premiumpixel" folder should go in /forum/images/ or root/images/
"login" folder should go in forum/login or root/login

3.Open Admincp > Styles and Templates > Upload Styles

4. Upload the PremiumPixel.xml you want, Rename it as you want.
(Include Parent Styles) Overwrite yes

5. Done!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: The theme is nice, but it messes up my cms all the way to the right or left.
A: Upload Grid found in attachments. Use that one.
Go to Grid > AdminCP > Grid Manager > Download/Upload Grid

You can apply grids that your downloaded when making your Layout which is found : Admincp > Layout Manager > Choose current Layout > Go > Change grid to the downloaded grid.

All themes are guaranteed to be supported for entire lifetime of 4.0

Q & A:

Q: Can I change the background?
A: Yes, simply rename any large sized image to the one provided in the upload or go into stylevars and edit doc_background. This is the background settings for the theme.

Q: Do lighter images work with this theme.
A: Recent updates have allowed lighter and brighter images to be compatible.

Q: How come ads aren't working?
A: If an ad location doesn't work, which happens alot in vBulletin, just go to the ad templates under the theme, and add the ad code in the respective location where you want it.

Juggernaut 24 Jan 2010 05:54

This is a very beautiful design, but the background image doesn't cover my entire
forum, it stops in the middle, and the rest is just black background color. Is there a way
to make the background image repeat and also where can I change the green fonts
for another color?

daveaite 24 Jan 2010 06:55

I'm using a 26 inch screen monitor at 1920 x 1200 Resolution. I figured it should work for almost every user. What monitor and resolution are you using? I will see if I can get the image to repeat without looking repetitious.

Juggernaut 24 Jan 2010 07:58

I'm using a 23 inch monitor with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.
and I don't get the background image all the way to the bottom.
After the image stops I get just black after that in the
background. The same for the portal and the posts, I only see
the background in the first two or three posts, after that just
black. Also I would like to change the green fonts. Thank you.

daveaite 24 Jan 2010 08:25


Droptop 24 Jan 2010 08:38

Great Skin, as Destron was asking is there a way to change the font color from green to something else? Thanks

daveaite 24 Jan 2010 08:42

Destron, Droptop, Taking requests on colors =)

Hex values will help. I have already begun a blue version.

OmekaTeam 24 Jan 2010 09:36

Is horrible, black death:down:

Juggernaut 24 Jan 2010 09:37

Thanks I'll istall right now :D
I was thinking of using this color: #0174DF

Droptop 24 Jan 2010 09:48

I have a problem on the homepage, this is causing my all my widgets to the left to stretch across the page. My articles also stay compressed if I change the layout to remove the widgets. Also my widgets on the right don't show at all. Any ideas? Thanks

daveaite 24 Jan 2010 09:58

-Pixel Blue Released.
-You will need all of the Images from the zip folder in order to use Pixel Blue, all images will be included in that package. Just install the contents after the upload folder as normal. Then install both .xml files, or one or the other.

-Demos available for both

Edit: Droptop: Might be your layout. Doesn't seem like a theme issue. On my test site, (not my demo site since it only has forums), I have a left and right collumn. Actually you can see in the Demo Photos I have posted (thats from my test site) its working fine.

PukkaBen 24 Jan 2010 10:41

Why don't you keep the background image static, I feel it would look so much better that way!! The bottom looks so... ugly to be honest!!

Droptop 24 Jan 2010 12:46

Thanks, I have the same layout as your test site, but am having the issue I stated. Anyway will uninstall for now as it can't be corrected.

ymam 24 Jan 2010 15:18

How would you go about making the background image static?
Great layout thinking of using it but, would need to make the background image static before going forward.

Sprijx 24 Jan 2010 15:32

I like it, but i'm not a fan of the background image, neverless, nice design.

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