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user lastactivity speedup ?
by netwind
09 Jan 2007 21:29

I found this comments in code in file includes/session.php :
// if this line is removed (say to be replaced by a cron job, you will need to change all of the 'online'
// status indicators as they use $userinfo['lastactivity'] to determine if a user is online which relies
// on this to be updated in real time.
SET lastactivity = " . TIMENOW . "
WHERE userid = $bbuserinfo[userid]
", 'lastvisit');

But not found somebody who use cron script for lastactivity update.
Remove this query can provide more scalability and reduce one query.
If i don't need instant showing online users and it's locations,
is it safe remove this query ?
Does worked cron job example exists ?

noppid 10 Jan 2007 18:45

The last activity could be croned how? By storing the batch in a table and then running a batch of updates often? I don't see that as logical. The comment probaby has more behind it then meets the eye.

In any event, that query while it is in real time and a write, is index targeted and is of no real consequence IMO.

There are queries and then there are queries. This one is pretty friendly it appears.

netwind 11 Jan 2007 12:12

If session exists then lastactivity stored in session.
I think user.lastactivity need update after logout and purge session in cron.
I monitor my mysql activity and see much locked queryes.
lastactivity not indexed. Maybe simple add index?

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