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Please don't delete!
by melefire
18 Feb 2006 22:32

I just want to put a code here for my site, so people can't download vbulletin stuff without having a lisence.

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

If you got here via my site follow these directions:
*First if you have a legal vBulletin lisence and don't have account here at vbulletin.org the offical mods and skins site for vBulletin please make one. Then once you have an account follow vb.orgs instructions on how to prove your lisence.
*Copy the code [you can only see it if you have proven your lisence] and go back to the vBulletin Board Hacks and Skins forum and enter this code at the passoword prompt.
*If you post this code anywhere available to the public you will recieve an INSTANT ban from Community ForumZ.
vBulletin Board Hacks and Skins forum

Reeve of shinra 19 Feb 2006 00:10

I think that says hello in md5 encrypted morse code.

killerbowi 28 Feb 2006 03:09

Cant download anythink

Marco van Herwaarden 28 Feb 2006 14:35


You are currently showing up as unlicensed. To be able to download hacks and/or receive support here at vBulletin.org, we ask you to please click here (vB-germany users click here) and enter your email address, to show us that you are licensed.

You will need to use your customer number and password (which will be in the email you got when you paid for your license) to access that page. Please note that your email is case sensitive. The update of your account may take up to one hour.

Thank you.

Marco van Herwaarden 28 Feb 2006 14:36


The Test forum (where you made this post) is also open for unlicensed users. So your check don't work. If you plan on using this as verification, please contact one of our admins so he can guide you.

Xenon 28 Feb 2006 14:54

well, the testforum is, but codeboxes aren'T ;)

melefire 24 Mar 2006 20:41

So peoples who don't have a lisence can view the code.
opps, well could someone help me get a better way to do this then please

Allan 24 Mar 2006 20:58

Yes, but how to check if user with a licence ?

Paul M 24 Mar 2006 21:23


Originally Posted by Allan
Yes, but how to check if user with a licence ?

Only licensed users can view the contents of a code box.

Allan 24 Mar 2006 21:41

Yes Paul, I had understood, but I not understands then how he uses it on his forum ^^

Phalynx 29 Mar 2006 08:07

That string in the codebox is a password for his hack forums. Strange protection, because a password can be forwarded to everyone...

melefire 29 Mar 2006 22:02

ok well it not great but its better than nothing

KiwiInsanity 30 Oct 2006 01:36


Originally Posted by Reeve of shinra
I think that says hello in md5 encrypted morse code.

LOL - now thats a new one on me... I wonder how you would decrypt "md5 encrypted morse code" ...John the Rapper perhaps hehe

AbZoNy 15 Dec 2006 00:50

/me is very confused

v5etboyphc 15 Dec 2006 01:26


what is this code? your licence?

YeşiLMeN 20 Dec 2006 09:38


Originally Posted by v5etboyphc (Post 1138852)
what is this code? your licence?

:D :D He Don't Give.. :D

And Here Testing Zone Department Confused :confused:

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