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bada_bing 22 Dec 2006 04:39

Will this work on VB 3.5.3 ?

Jafo232 22 Dec 2006 06:29


Originally Posted by lexx27 (Post 1143216)
No it doesnt get posted.

I have these plugins installed (the green are activated):

Hmm, not sure. I haven't had any other reports of this. My assumption is, it is conflicting with another plugin.

Jafo232 22 Dec 2006 06:30


Originally Posted by bada_bing (Post 1143232)
Will this work on VB 3.5.3 ?

I would think so. I havent tested on .3, but I do not see why it wouldn't.

projectego 22 Dec 2006 10:24

/me clicks install

010081 22 Dec 2006 12:41

thankx just installed let lee how it works.

lexx27 22 Dec 2006 14:13

Thanks for the help. I will make some tests and report the conflict. :)

bang 24 Dec 2006 12:30

installed. but how is it different from this hack?

axisoverdrive 25 Dec 2006 00:09

This is a fantastic plugin! Thanks for all the great work, Jafo232. I've been waiting for a plugin like this for months, and i even tried to get one developed myself (never got done).

I installed your plugin, and i can create posts/ make comments perfectly fine. one thing i'm having trouble with is that if I login via vBulletin, Wordpress does not currently show that i'm logged in with that vbulletin account. Wordpress still gives me the "click here to login" link, which forwards me back to the forum. Sounds like a cookie issue, but i'm not certain. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

PS. Also, i've noticed that the newly created user in vbulletin does not show up in the user list for wordpress, and vice versa. Using vb 3.6.2 and wordpress 2.0.5

Sulquendi 25 Dec 2006 10:28

Pretty nice hack :)

Only problem for me right now : i have cleaned up my cookies and now i cannot access the admin panel of wordpress, the login button redirect me to vbulletin (i've already signed up on vbulletin !) and accessing admin panel directly with /wp-admin redirects me also on the boards -_-.

Any idea ?

klaush 25 Dec 2006 17:46

First of all "Merry XMAS" to all of you!

If you need this bridge for sharing the user-database of vb with wp, this hack is not useable. I donīt know if itīs a cookie-problem or something else!

We need the sharing of the user-database of vb with wp as priority in a short time.

So is anyone able to solve this?

Weīll pay up to 50 Euro if it works without any problems for 3.5.6 and wp 2.05.


Jafo232 26 Dec 2006 05:31


Originally Posted by bang (Post 1144390)
installed. but how is it different from this hack?

This one works, and also shares user info.

Jafo232 26 Dec 2006 05:33


Originally Posted by klaush (Post 1144915)
First of all "Merry XMAS" to all of you!

If you need this bridge for sharing the user-database of vb with wp, this hack is not useable. I donīt know if itīs a cookie-problem or something else!

This is not true, it does work. You must make sure you turn on the setting ""Turn Auto-Integrate" on. The WP and VB scripts MUST reside on the same domain name so they can share cookies.

If you made any edit to the standard cookie setup on Vbulletin, then perhaps you may experience issues, but otherwise you should be all set.

gilshafir 26 Dec 2006 10:37

As soon as I turn auto-integrate on my rss2 feed breaks, is anyone else having the same problem?

Jafo232 26 Dec 2006 14:51


Originally Posted by abcdefgary (Post 1145186)
When you say that the WP and VB scripts must reside on the same domain name, what exactly does this mean? That both of these must be the same? So www.domain.com/forums and www.domain.com/blog


Yes, those are the same domains.

Harley D 26 Dec 2006 18:20

I am using VB 3.5.4
WordPress 2.05
VB & WP are on 2 different domains, on the same server but different databases. I have hard codded the RELATIVE file directory to VB.
I'm getting errors, and just a note, I don't care if my users share logins from WP to VB. I just want my posts in WP to post to VB.
With that out of the way, here are the errors I get.
There errors show after when clicking on the WP Vbridge user settings.
1) WordPress database error: [Table 'wagnert_wrdp1.srtcalib_usergroup' doesn't exist]
SELECT * FROM srtcalib_usergroup

2) Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/myblogdomain/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/vbbridge.php on line 199

And this error when posting:
1) Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_valid_email() (previously declared in /home/myblogdomian/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/email/email.php:301) in /home/myforumdomain/public_html/forum/includes/functions.php on line 640

Is there a way remove the necessary portions of code to prevent these errors? and still have the WP posts, post in VB?

Thanks for the hack, been wanting this one for a long time.

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