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Cel Photo Popup - Insert pictures from vB Albums, Attachs, Photopost, vBGallery
by cellarius
03 Jun 2010 13:35

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Old editor (vB 4.1.3 and below): use 4.0.008!
New editor (vB 4.1.4 and above): use 4.1.00x!

What does it do?

When creating or editing a post, your users can open a popup window that will show them their pictures in the chosen gallery, albums or attachment system.

Detailed features listUpgrade from vB3 version
Please uninstall the old version at AdminCP->Plugins & Products->Manage Addons. Also remove all files you uploaded for the vB 3 version apart from the editor icon, which will be reused. This will be /photo_popup.php and all /includes/photo_popup_config_[product].php files, relative to your forum root. Then follow the installation instructions below.

  1. Extract the archive.
  2. Choose the products you want to use and rename the configuration files in _UPLOAD/includes/cel/cel_pp_config from .php_new to .php
  3. If you're using Photopost Pro, you need to fill in some crucial information into the config file. Please see the config file for more information.
  4. Upload the contents of folder "_UPLOAD" to your forum root. Note how the folder structure mirrors the folder structure in your forum root, so every file will be in the right place.
  5. Now the Photo Popup and your chosen product configuration files will be present with default settings on your server. Later on, you may want to make adjustments there.
  6. Install the product file at AdminCP->Plugins & Products->Manage Addons.
  7. Template edits?
    • If you are using new editor, you're done.
    • If you are using old Editor and Template Modification System (TMS), you're done.
    • If none of the above two conditions apply to you, do the template modifications explained in _DOCS/OLD_EDITOR_ONLY-template_edits.txt manually for the editors you want the popup accessible from.
Basic ConfigurationUpgrade
  • If upgrading within the vB4 series, just reimport the product-xml-file, overwriting the old version, and reupload all files (skip the icon if you're using a custom one).
  • Most times you will be done, but please check in _DOCS/config_file_versions.txt whether the config file for one of the products you use has been changed since you last updated.
  • If the config file for one of your products has been updated, rename _UPLOAD/includes/cel/cel_pp_config from .php_new to .php and transfer your custom settings from your current config file to the new one. Then upload it to your server.
Support and debugging

Please note the information in this post of this thread.

Version history
For older versions see the vB3 version of this Mod.
### 4.1.004 ###
fixed several bugs, text-button re-added (full list)
### 4.1.002 ###
button not showing issue resolved
### 4.1.001 ###
adapted to new vB editor, added workaround for image spacing
### 4.0.004-008 ###
bugfix releases
### 4.0.003 ###
initial release
new (core): completely rewritten code
new: categories/user albums/folders listed hierachically in albums dropdown
new: Photopost Pro and vBGallery permissions for categories
new: global permissions check
new: cache system for albums dropdown
new: override all product related AdminCP-Settings in the product config file.

** Please note that the config files for Photoplog and CND Garage have not been converted. I do not have access to vB4 versions of those two softwares for testing and developing. Whether this will change in future, I don't know - at the moment, apart from having no software access, I'm very much out of time. Anyway, the config files are not too hard to figure out and there is a short introduction to adapting them. Please feel free to convert or develop for other software, if you like, and submit to this thread or to me personally by PM.

### Don't forget to click install! ###

(No support if you don't)

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 13:39

Detailed features list

Please note that not all features are available with all products. Not all products provide for every one of them.
  • works with vB's attachment system, the integreted album system and/or Photpost Pro and vBGallery. Decide which of them you want to use, or use them all.
  • active in main editor, quickreply and quickedit
  • up to 10 different options in what way to insert the images, you decide which to use
  • decide whether you want to let your users filter the images shown in the popup by albums/categories; the relevant dropdown will hierarchically mirror your album/category structure; eventual permissions will be applied
  • define common folders/categories. The images inside those will be accessible by every user.
  • code mode (by user group) to only show insertion code instead of actually inserting
  • stores the settings/filters the user uses in the popup in a cookie that stays valid for the session
  • the script will detect whether editor is in wysiwyg or codeview-mode and act accordingly, so that in wysiwyg-mode the actual image will be visible
  • the script will auto-close once the user saves his post
  • supports gallery product installation in a different database than vB's
  • Fully phrased

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 13:39

Product Configuration

It's quite straightforward, really. For most products you won't have to open the config files at all.
  • Additional to the global configuration settings in AdminCP->Options->vBulletin Options->Cel Photo Popup you can make settings in the config file fore every product seperately. The config file can be found at /includes/cel/cel_pp_config folder. All config files are named cel_pp_config_[name of product].
  • You can check this list if there is anything that you want or have to do in the config file. All settings are explained in the config files in detail, too.
    There are mandatory settings only for Photopost Pro. For all other products, you can skip the rest of this point, if you want to. There may be some explanations how configuration works for your product, however.
    • All products:
      • Override your AdminCP settings for every product in the config file.
      • Set a list of public categories/albums for all of your users to access
    • Photopost: For this product, there are several mandatory settings to be done:
      • $url_path: The URL to the directory where your gallery index page resides (starting with http://)
      • $data_dir: The URL to the directory where Photopost stores the uploaded images (default is subdirectory data in the gallery root
      • $db_prefix: The Prefix used in the Photopost database. Default is "pp_".
      • if you have a different database, you have to provide the settings for database name, host, user and password.
    • vBGallery:
      • Photo Popup determines whether your vBG is configured to run in safe mode environment. If this is the case, the folder structure in your data directory is different. The script will adapt accordingly.
        Example: data folder for user 1234. Safe mode on will result in a folder structure 1/2/3/4, while safe mode off will leave it at 1234.
      • VBGallery can be configured to save the original image files when uploading. If this is the case, Photo Popup will automatically link these original files to the insert options for "original" images. The image size used on vBG pages will be linked to "medium" options. If vBG does not safe original images, the size used on vBG pages will be linked to "original" and "medium" options will be deactivated.
Files, templates and phrases


vBulletin Options Group: Cel Photo Popup
Phrases: prefixed cel_pp
Template: cel_photo_popup
CSS-Template: cel_photo_popup.css

For translations vB3->vB4 see next post.

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 13:43

Support and debugging

Ill help whenever I find the time. Please help me by doing the following:
  • Before asking, please activate debug mode in AdminCP. Debug information is only shown to Administrators (usergroup 6). Always state the products you use. Some hints:
    • When posting the information given there, please do so using [code]debug info[/code]-BBCode to keep this thread clear. Thank you!
    • Please try the two links given (if present) - do they look "normal" and do they work?
  • I may ask you to provide AdminCP, FTP and Database access. I realize this requires quite some trust, but up to now I managed neither to crash any boards nor to steal any data. So, if you're willing to do so, I promise to behave and be cautious, but won't be liable for anything ;):
    • Regarding the Admin Account to your forum, please make sure it has the necessary administrator permissions so I can access the options page and the template system.
    • I will need FTP access to your forum on root level.
    • If necessary, I may upload a small mysql tool called adminer to access your database.

A note on vBGallery and Photoplog support

I have installed vBGallery only in a local testing environment. Please note that I can only give limited support. CND Garage and Photoplog which were previously supported I do have no access to in vB4 versions, so at the moment they will not be converted.

A note on "conflicts" with other editor/quickreply/quickedit mods

Normally, there should be no fundamental conflict. The template edits for this mod do nothing but to add an additional button to the toolbar in quickreply and quickedit and a link to the main editor.
However, if other mods you have installed already induced template changes there, you might have to adapt the template changes accordingly. A good solution might be to melt the template changes for this mod into the template changes for the other. I'm afraid I'll not be able to help you there, since I do not have those mods installed. But ask away here or, perhaps even more promising, in the thread for the other mod, perhaps anyone else has.Please take note of this post here, too.
On principle, you should be able to add the link that opens the popup anywhere within the various editor-tamplates in any form you like - whether you put up text or the button in front of the link, doesn't really matter. What you essentially need is a link like this one somewhere within the editor:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

If you don't want text, remove "$vbphrase[photo_popup_insert]" and replace it with the editor image "$vbphrase[photo_popup_insert]" - or anything else.

Note for translations vB3 -> vB4

The prefix for phrases has changed from photo_popup_ to cel_pp_. You should be able to do a search/replace easily. There have been no new phrases introduced (If I didn't overlook anything).

Xencored 03 Jun 2010 13:50

Ahhh About time thanks alot mate will try this in 10 mins :) and report back^^


Xencored 03 Jun 2010 14:05

Right mate problem
After clicking "my photos"

gives double "/"

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 14:13

Ah, thanks for the notice, will fix it immediately. Package temporarily removed to do so.

Xencored 03 Jun 2010 14:16


Originally Posted by cellarius (Post 2047597)
Ah, thanks for the notice, will fix it immediately. Package temporarily removed to do so.

hehe nps give us a buzz on the reupload :up:

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 15:49

Sorry for the delay, package back up. Squashed another bug, too :)

Please reupload the files, reimport the product and if you did template edits find

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

and manually remove the leading slash.

Xencored 03 Jun 2010 15:58

Thanks alot mate top mod

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 16:10

Thanks :) Let me know should you find further bugs. (I hope there arn't *lol*)

patrick91 03 Jun 2010 17:40

Thank you very much! finally it's here will install it tonight...:D klicked Installed, MOTM and rated 5 stars!

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 17:51

OK, here's some info about the CMS issues. Because of those the photo popup mod is at the moment not officially supported for use in CMS.
The editor does somehow change the urls of the inserted code and thus breaks links, and it does try to convert attachments/album pics into [attach]-code, which does go wrong somehow. If you want to try for yourself, do the same edit as for every other editor to vbcms_editor_toolbar_on, which will make the popup available.

cellarius 03 Jun 2010 17:55


Originally Posted by patrick91 (Post 2047723)
Thank you very much! finally it's here will install it tonight...:D klicked Installed, MOTM and rated 5 stars!

Thank you :)

cyberbob73 03 Jun 2010 18:13

Irgendwie funktioniert die Zusammenarbeit mit Photopost nicht :mad:

Hab die cel_pp_config_photopost.php zwar angepasst, aber ich bekomm beim Aufruf im Editor immer einen DB Fehler.

Hier mal meine cel_pp_config_photopost.php


##### Special settings #####
# Below, you will find special settings for this product. They need to be
# filled in.

// The values for the following settings can be found in Photopost Administration
// Center

// Full URL path to Gallery: http://www.yoursite.com/path/to/gallery/
$url_path = "http://www.meinewebseite.de/forum/photopost/";
// Full URL path to Data Dir: http://www.yoursite.com/path/to/gallery/data/
// Look for this in PP-Administration->Global Options->URL to PhotoPost data directory
$data_dir = "http://www.meinewebseite.de/forum/photopost/data/";
// Table prefix. pp_ is the default setting.
// You may have changed this on installation of Photopost Pro.
// Look for this in PP-Administration->Edit Config->PhotoPost Database Prefix
$db_prefix = "pp_";

// ### If your vB and Photopost run from the same Database, ###
// ### skip the following. To use different database, set ###
// ### $pp_other_db to TRUE and fill in the variables ###
// Set to TRUE if using different database for vB and PP
$other_db = TRUE;
// Database Name
$db_name = "db28xxxx_3";
// Database Host
$db_host = "mysql5.meinewebseite.de";
// Database Username
$db_user = "db28xxxx_3";
// Database Password
$db_pass = "meinPW";

// Enter a comma seperated list of category/album ids. The categories/albums
// will be made available to all users. This allows you to offer an image
// repository to your users.
// Example: $public_ids = "4,8,10";
// $public_ids = "";
Was mach ich falsch :confused:

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