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Block Censored Words in Posts by BOP5
by BirdOPrey5
20 Dec 2010 01:00

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This product will allow you to block users from posting censored words in posts and new threads. "Doesn't the censor already do this?" you may ask... Well yes, the censor will CHANGE censored words so you can't see them, what this does is actually prevent the user from submitting the message entirely.

Why do you care? I don't know- personally I wouldn't either but someone asked and I figured why not make it?

Read the .txt file in the zip for full instructions.

This has been tested on vB 3.8 and 4.0.8 and I'm sure works on all versions 3.7 through 4.1.x. It's very likely this will work on older and newer versions but I have been unable to test for sure. If you can confirm it works or doesn't work please let me know in this thread.

There are several settings for this mod, a global enable/disable, a "set to active for all forums," and an option to use only in forums you specify.

I have this installed on my forum, but only active in one forum, here:

Of course you will need to register if you want to test it but there are screen shots attached.

I can't post a list of censored words here for you to try but suffice to say they are the "big" ones... The "F" word and such.

I'd like to thank kh99 for helping me find the right hook to use on this mod.

Product Contains:
  • 2 plugins
  • 1 phrase
  • 0 templates
  • 0 files

Please Mark As Installed if you use this. :)

December 22, 2010 - Updated to Version 1.1
-Added "Additional Block Words" - A setting to block words not in the word censor.

yotsume 20 Dec 2010 04:45

So it would be useful only if the censored word was listed with the warning message. How does a user know what word is censored? Example my post has 2000 words in it. Are you telling me there is no notification as to what the censored word(s) are?

If there is no notification of what exactly is censored this is useless. Might be a good thing to add the censored word to the notification. With a further message of say: The following words are censored: blaa, bleep, whatever please click go back and remove them from your post.

BirdOPrey5 20 Dec 2010 04:57

Nope, no notification... I think in most situations people would know what words they shouldn't be using... and displaying a list of censored words is not going to happen either for obvious reasons.

I suppose if you were inclined you could edit the error phrase and give some hints as to what words are censored on your forum if you think someone honestly doesn't know. Personally mine would read something like this.... "Please remove any references to the "F" word, the "N" word the worse of the two "C" words, and some common variations there of."

I do not expect this to be a popular mod...

realmr 20 Dec 2010 11:05

thanks for the mod, will post the result after testing it out :)

vijayninel 21 Dec 2010 05:52

Working perfectly. Thanks. :)

realmr 22 Dec 2010 11:00

Is it possible to block words which are not banned too ? May be an option in future version where the words can be added in the add-on.

BirdOPrey5 22 Dec 2010 12:26

That is a good idea... I will add it to the next release- soon.

BirdOPrey5 22 Dec 2010 12:44

Updated to Version 1.1 - New option to allow additional block words per realmr's suggestion.

realmr 22 Dec 2010 13:25

thanks for the nice addition and implementing my suggestion mate :)

Markets Where 05 Jul 2011 15:36

very useful, if it can mention the detailed banned word, that would be more better.

Hayko 12 Jul 2011 15:20

Thanks for plugin. But I want to ask, Can I see the censored words in the warning message.

for example.

A censored word was detected. Please do not use "fick" words in your posts.

BirdOPrey5 12 Jul 2011 16:19

It's something I will consider in a future version but would be a pretty big change from how it's currently coded. If you're not talking curse words you could add the censored words to the error phrase and say something like:

The following words are blocked from being posted: word1, word2, word3, etc...

devil78 29 Aug 2015 21:27

Show warning words is it possible BirdOPrey5.


BirdOPrey5 25 Sep 2015 18:53

Possible? Sure it must be- but I don't know the code to do that, sorry.

00pavan00 29 Sep 2015 09:56

You know this is a really a nice idea thanks... :)

But as
Hayko said we need to show the censored word.

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