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[CM] Push'N'PopUp MP3-Player (Sidebar Button & Equalizer)
by ChiNa
30 Aug 2012 15:48

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This was brought to you by ChiNa-Man

First of all I am a free soul, So if one of you guys decided to post this on another forum or a website, I would be appreciated if you give some CREDITs to the Developer simply typing his name: Credits to: ChiNa-Man, and do not CHANGE or DELETE the ORIGINAL CONTENT! Thank you!


Get this player for vBulletin 4.x, CLICK HERE

This is my favorit ADDON, and I really have worked very hard to make this happen. Finally.. This is a simple MP3-Player, but a bit more fancier than any other player you have seen! The is a FLASH XML MP3PLAYER, and the reason why its called XML is because it has a customized playlist, which is build as XML! I have added a floadting side-bar button. With the letters scrolling "MP3 PLAYER"! Just a single click on the button then the Player pops-up on left side of your screen. Now please keep in mind, that there are 2 Products Files, One is for Logged in Members, and the other has Full View Permission! For everyone + Guests!

Credits for the free source player goes to
Check out more about www.Developphp.com & their youtube channel for more flash tuts!

Thanks to JOSH my friend, and also the Admin of our site www.China-Cheats.com

Image of the Player itself


Image of the Both buttons on forumhome
Floating Button (Right)


Shiney & floating button on Forum Home!

Free Scroll Added

Push N PopUp Button Button in Navbar)

A very important part, you have to ADD the exact name and letters for the song in the mp3_playlist.xml file to make it work. Make sure to use small amd big letters, uppercase and lowercase as the songtitle. If you upload a file/song called "elvis.mp3" then you have to name it "Elvis" as SONG-TITILE in the mp3_playlist.xml, you will see in the tutorial below! I just wanna make sure that you remember it.

Lets Start The Tutorial:

I will start with the XML playlist file called mp3_playlist.xml. And please notice the the "SongTitle" which is very important, because you will have to later add MP3 files exactly like the song titles!

Below is how the playlist looks like: (Song1 is for the song called "Song1.mp3" and etc....)

PLAY LIST EXAMPLE: (mp3_playlist.xml)

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

First, unzip the Upload.zip from the attachments, below! And upload all the content of the "UPLOAD.ZIP" file to your forum ROOT!

And then go a head and download the XML PRODUCTS, And remember there are 2 XML Products, one is called MP3Player_For_Logged-in-Users.xml and the other is called MP3Player_Full_View_Permission.xml.

Import one of them in your Plugins & Products section.

Go to your ADMINCP, Plugin & Products and then Product Manager. Scroll down and then click on Add/Import Product, and now click on browse, and look for the XML product and click IMPORT!

Where to Upload Mp3 files and songs:

I have already added an mp3 song as example "Song1.mp3", And you can Upload upto 10 songs! So start uploading your mp3 files to the folder called "mp3_files" which is in your forum ROOT. You can carry on adding more songs if you want, starting from "Song2.mp3" and "Song3.mp3" and ETC....You can also delete the example song, or replace it with another "Song1.mp3" file.

Remember, not to messup the songtitles and mp3 file names,, Its very important!

You can ENABLE and DISABLE the from ADMINPC! Go to vBULLETING OPTIONS, and then MP3 PLAYER (Push'N'Popup)
And then choose YES or NO for ENABLE or DISABLE

Thats it, Please make sure to CLICK on INSTALLED, and enjoy the MP3 PLAYER!


And always remember when you finish editing the mp3_playlist.xml file, or uploading a new mp3 file. The you MUST do these 2 things showen below:

1: Clean your browser cookies
2: Refresh Your Forum-Page, where your MP3 Button is.

So the flash player can read the new DATA from your browser and the xml file.
Else it wont work, and it already made me crazy befor knowing all this.. so I pass it to you guys..

Extra and Optional Tutorial


If you have many other USERGROUPS, and you want to add them as will in the list, then Open the file called MP3Player_For_Logged-in-Users.xml and ARROUND LINE 64....

Find this line
: <if condition="is_member_of($vbulletin->userinfo,2,3,5,6,7)">
And edit the RED numbers, which is the USERGROUP ID. Thats it.


If you wanted to add more than 10 songs, then first edit your "mp3_playlist.xml"! Just copy the 4 lines showen below for eact mp3 song.:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

And then add it inside your mp3_playlist.xml file like the others.

Some Extra advice

The mp3player gave me lots of problems working! Once I forgot to clean my cookies, and the other thing was I forgot to name my songs EXACTLY as inside the XML file.. So remember, that I am sure you will also face these things, Just read the tutorial with an open mind, and do not ask for support, unless you know its really going bad. Because at the end, you have will realise the small mistakes..

Again, A big thanks to JOSH for helping me create the enable and disable options!

matrex722 07 Jan 2013 18:33

ChiNa-Man nice work

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