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Forum Keywords For AuctionAds
by -=Sniper=-
27 Jun 2007 00:35

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1.1 - If you have 1.0 installed, uninstall it and install the new improved version.

You must have an AuctionAds account for this hack.

To lear more about AuctionAds and to sign up - Click Here

This hack allows you to choose different keywords for different forums, allowing you to display differen eBay ads on a forum by forum basis. SO, with this hack, every forum (and the threads in it) will display ads according to the keyword you set for that forum.


Step 1 (Upload the Files):
  • Upload the AdminCp and Includes folders to your server.
Step 2(Upload the Product):
  • Go to your AdminCP.
  • Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Click [Add/Import Product] -> Select the file 'product-auctionads.xml'.
  • Click 'Import'.
Step 3(Adjust Settings):
  • Go to your AdminCP.
  • Scroll down the list until you see the 'Forum Keywords for AuctionAds' options. Click that and then click 'Keyword Options'
  • Click Yes to activate the system
  • Set a default keyword
  • Choose a keyword(s) for each forum you chose and click the enable button for that forum. (if you dont choose a keyword, the default keyword you set earlier will be used)
Step 4(Add AuctionAds Code to Templates):
  • Get your AuctionAds code for the ad size you choose.
  • At the begining of that code add this line:

<if condition="$vbulletin->options['auctionads_onoff']">
  • And at the end of the code add this:

  • Find the line in the code: auctionads_ad_kw = "";
  • Replace that line with: auctionads_ad_kw = "$auctionads_keywords";
  • Now open your forumsidplay and showthread templates and insert the amended AuctionAds code wherever you want the ads to display. (one common placement is immediately after $navbar in the template code.
Your auctionAds code should look similar to this when you place it in your templates.


<if condition="$vbulletin->options['auctionads_onoff']">
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
auctionads_ad_client = "YOUR AUCTIONADS PUBLISHER ID";
auctionads_ad_campaign = "YOUR AUCTIONADS CAMPAIGN NUMBER";
auctionads_ad_width = "728";
auctionads_ad_height = "90";
auctionads_ad_kw = "$auctionads_keywords";
auctionads_color_border = "CFF8A3";
auctionads_color_bg = "FFFFFF";
auctionads_color_heading = "00A0E2";
auctionads_color_text = "000000";
auctionads_color_link = "008000";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ads.auctionads.com/pagead/show_ads.js">

This hack was created by vBulletinExpert.com for vBulletin-FAQ.com. Visit the vBulletin FAQ support forum for AuctionAds.

CMGU 27 Jun 2007 00:47

thanks very interesting
Install - firts

projectego 27 Jun 2007 14:10

Sounds interesting... I haven't had chance to play with AuctionAds yet, but I'll definitely install this for now. :)

-=Sniper=- 27 Jun 2007 14:30

thanks, will post a update later today giving more control, so please wait till then before installing.

joeychgo 27 Jun 2007 17:52


Originally Posted by projectego (Post 1277640)
Sounds interesting... I haven't had chance to play with AuctionAds yet, but I'll definitely install this for now. :)

Take a look: AuctionAds

We have an AuctionAds Forum as well ---


-=Sniper=- 29 Jun 2007 22:56

New improved version released, check screenshot :)

joeychgo 03 Jul 2007 18:28

I just finished an article partly about how to use this hack effectively --

AuctionAds Tips by Joeychgo


tokenyank 04 Jul 2007 02:10

couple things....

First of all, I've noticed that AuctionAds website goes down quiet regularly. How does this effect the autolinking/adverts pulling for this hack?

And secondly, the autoparsing of ebay links hack for auctionads does not work if you are using SEO rewrites... Is this mod affected by rewrite?

joeychgo 04 Jul 2007 02:33

This shouldnt be affected by mod_rewrite... Nor should the site going down affect this hack. The effect would be the same. Usually just a blank ad or a non targetted ad.

AuctionAds does go down from time to time, but its because they are trying to improve it on the fly. They didnt expect the response they've had so far.

AzzidReign 06 Jul 2007 19:09

I get an error:
User Error: No Keywords

I'm not stupid, I've done exactly as the instructions have stated as well as tried many other things. I just manually put the keywords in the code and it works fine.

This is what my code looked like before I put the keywords in myself:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

I have the mod set to YES and I've had many different default keywords in there to see if that was the problem...my latest keyword was just xbox, others were xbox, xbox accessories, xbox games and xbox;accessories, all of which have given me the same error.

Has anyone else ran into this problem or know of a solution?

BTW, I have the ads being showing in the postbit under <!-- / message -->.

joeychgo 06 Jul 2007 19:12

IM not sure I understand your problem -- I see no error - I see ads

AzzidReign 06 Jul 2007 19:25

I just manually put the keywords in so the ads would show up.

You can check the site now, I just changed it to use $vbauctionad_keywords as the keyword(s).

joeychgo 06 Jul 2007 19:54

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Ok - a few possible things -

Next to each keyword (for each forum) is a check box. ONLY have that checked if you have a keyword in there.

Also - you should make sure you have a default keyword.

Like this:

AzzidReign 06 Jul 2007 20:02

When I put keywords in for individual forums, I checked the checkbox; those forums didn't load the ads either.

I do have a default keyword: xbox

I've removed all the keywords and checkboxes from the individual forums as well, yet same error.

joeychgo 06 Jul 2007 20:30

You have to have a default keyword. (at the top of the page) ---If you have a default keyword, any forum not enabled with a keyword will use that default keyword.

I have this installed on a number of forums and it works just fine. I know its just how you have it set up. What that error means is that a keyword isnt being sent to the page.

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